Need Help Telling My Parents Please Help

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B - March 2

I Just recently found out that i am pregnant. I need help getting up the courage to tell my parents let alone his. How do you tell them that. I am 19 years old, going on 20. i dont even live at home. i just feel like they are going to look down on me.


morgan - March 2

tell them now.. the sooner the better. Give them the news and tell them that you really hope they will play a big part in your child life.


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 2

Trust me they wont! You are out on your own, doing fine I hope! As long as you are ready finacially, mentally and physically then it's going to be alright! I had moved out at 15, got pregnant at 17 with my husbands baby, now I am 19 and just purchased a house, and we have everything we need and want! Trust me it's going to be fine! They will be shocked and sound somewhat upset, but they just don't want to see you stuggle thats all! Let them know that you are doing fine and that you are going to be alright! Many babies are having babies, there was a 13 year old on here telling someone to get pregnant because she has 3 girls and a baby on the way! I mean WOW grow up, but as long as you are happy about this and your not even that young! You are going on 20, still young but more and more people are having chidlren at younger ages! Just enjoy and love this child! They are so presious and such a blessing! Me and my husband are going to have at least 2 more, only we are going to wait for at least a few years :) We are finacially ready but we have many wonderful years! Good luck and I know you will do just fine in telling your parents! Its a happy time, not a stressing time! Plus stress is bad for baby! You will be surprised at how well parents will take it! We always think for the worst! Keep us updated and take care! ~smiles and best wishes~!


tara - March 2

It is a hard thing to tell parents but sooner or later you'll have to do this...and the sooner they know the better they will be able to support you. It may come as a shock to them, so give them time to digest the news you have given them. First reactions are not always what we want it to be, so just be ready for that but keep possitive. If they like your bf have him there with you, if they don't maybe tell thme the news on your own. Just be honest with them, it won't help if you hide the fact that you are pregnant for too long. Goodluck.


Felicia - September 7

Hey. I am having the same issue as you. Except i am 17 years old turning 18 in 2 months and are 13 weeks pregnant. I am scared out of my mind. I dont know how to tell them or what to tell them or anything. your not the only one out there


Grandpa Viv - September 7

Felicia, I have some ideas for you at


Heather - September 7

I don't know what i would do without my Mom. She's been so extremely supportive my whole pregnancy. When im up all night puking my brains out she comes and hugs me and cleans it all up. Moms are so important and they love you so much! It's hard, yes very, but it's well worth it.


janet - September 9

tell them you hope they will be a big part in your babys life like they were and still are for you.they wont look down on you and if they do it's there loss of having the chnance of becoming good ,loving,and caring grandparents.your 19 already and are doing great living alone i admire you .i am 17 and i'm pregnant my parents dont look down on me they are very supportive and they just cant wait till my son is born on december 6/ i think that if my parents were supportive to me ten you and tour parents are going to do just fine.


Emma - September 13

yeh i thought that to i'm 16 ws living out of home and my boyfriends name wasnt even to be mentioned in the house before they found out. i told my parents after not talking to them for months and it has brought us together as a family agen!



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