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mizzbilodeau - March 13

okay i have a 1 yr old daughter, and i think im pregnant again. i have alot of the signs. and ive been stressing out alot about it. but im to nervous to go get a test but i will do it in the next bit. cause my bf doesnt want to have one yet. but i dont like abortions. but i dont know what to do or anything so can someone give me there opinion on something?


Lady Marmalade - March 14

there's not much to give an opinion.. you're either pregnant or you're not and you wont know until you have done a test... you might be worrying unecessarily


Meagan18 - March 14

you have about 3 options - abortion, adoption, raising the baby. adoptions is really good if you don't want or can't have another baby right now.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

This is a post you wroteAnswer: i have a one yr old daughter. and ive raised her really well. im going to school. while shes in daycare. and shes healthy and happy and im doing a good job for being 16 now. it doesnt matter how old you are to have a kid. and im sure as hell not irresponsible. im more responsible than ever. and im living on my own and everything. my mom and dad are fine with me having a child now. they help when i really need it. and other than that i do it on my own. ive never compared having a kid to baby sitting. and how would it be thoughtless and selfish to have another child? answer your question is it is thoughtless and selfish because you can state one thing, and then state another thing. You dont take into consideration how all of this will effect your child. I would offer helpful advice if you just understood that being hypocritical doesn't get you anywhere and that you can't use something to defend someone and not even think twice about it and all of a sudden have a change in heart. Seems like you wanted this but now you dont know what to do, I know what you should do, NEXT TIME WRAP IT UP and USE BIRTH CONTROL that way you aren't being selfish and thoughtless


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

Oh by the way...THIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE, so don't give yourself credit you clearly don't deserve



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