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Ash - August 25

When I was 13 yrs old I started dating a 16 yr old boy. We soon feel inlove and spent every second of the next 3 yrs together. We were like best friends. I found out I was pregnant July 25th. (im almost 17 now) After we found out he broke up with me and moved to another state. Now we never talk..he never calls. He says he wants to be there for the baby..but not me. I dont understand what I did wrong. I really wanna be with him. Can someone give me some advice please.


saRaH - August 20

The best thing to do is act like you do not care. That will make him think that you are no longer interested and that your main focus is yalls baby. Just stay positive and go out and do things that will take your mind off of him. It is not good to stress while you are pregnant! GOD BLESS !!!!!


ash - August 20

so he thinks she doesnt care... then what?


frances - August 23

im sorry to hear about your situation. i was sorta in the same situation. i have a 2 year old son and when i was pregnant my boyfriend of 2 years decided he didn't want to be with me any more but he also didn't want anythin to do with the baby. he stopped talkin to me when i was 2 months pregnant. he changed his number and moved out of state also. i decided to have the baby on my own. when i was 8 months pregnant i met this guy that was really nice but no matter how nice he was to me i never let my guard down. needless to say i have been with that guy ever since then and we have a beautiful child together and will be gettin married in april 2005. i wish you all the luck and i would like to say to you that no matter if he is there for you or not someone out there loves you. no female deserves a man (or should i say boy) like that.


Caribbean Girl - August 25

For some reason, I am really not that sorry for you, why are you having unprotected s_x at 16? Thanks God that all he gave you was a baby and not AIDS, are there not enough commercials, advertis____nts, over population, high statistics on teenage pregnancies, yet young people are still having unprotected s_x, Listen, males will be males, call them what you like ( boys or Men ) if you don't protect yourself, it's your fault, don't blame your teenage boyfriend for leaving you, he was enjoying his teenage life, and then boom, you got pregnant, who wants to deal with that as a teen?, So now your pregnant, take a few prenatal cla__ses, give you baby all that you have to offer, finish his school if you can, don't just throw the baby on your grand parents, IT's NOT THERE JOBS to raise your baby, they were too busy raising you!, I give you all of God's blessing, and hopefully this is a lesson...a lesson for life, When you make thoughtless decissions, you have to suffer the consequences. I was 24 when I got preganant for me boyfriend of 7 years, I would say about 8months into the pregnancy, he decided that he did want to have a baby HE LEFT, now I have to suffer the consequences...Its life and the way you make it, is the way you live it...GOD BLESS



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