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newmommi10 - August 9

ok so i have been feeling sick for a while maybe about two months or so...and my periods are getting shorter...they were 6 or 7 days...and now they are getting to one and half days.....and i have been getting horrible headaches...back aches..stomach skin has changed...and i took a test but it was negative and it was at night...but i have been starting to get sick to foods that i have been able to tolerate...i didnt like them but they didnt make me sick...please tell me what you think. i need help


ashvictoria - August 10

Well according to you, your 5 months pregnant! So what would you like us to tell you?


newmommi10 - August 12

no i was pregnant but then i lost the baby really early on and didnt know it cuz my body rejected it and no body knew.


Monique901 - August 15

So do You think that you are pregnant again?


newmommi10 - August 16

yea i think that im pregnant boyfriend is supposed to buy me a test today but i dont know if he will remember to or not cuz he's had a lot on his mind.


sean1992 - August 22

will iam going through the same thing my girl took a test and showed negative but she is having a lot of syptoms like swollen b___sts and the veins in them very noticeable she is having v____al discharge and she has a swollen v____a and she doesn't have much morning sickness but she had 2 days of lite bleeding this month and didnt have her period for 7 days so can anyone help me out .


newmommi10 - September 1

now my stomach is starting to look huge and its starting to get a little hard. i used to be able to suck my stomach in alot. but now i can only do it a little bit. ive been feeling sick to my stomach whenever i eat. but i dont really know what to think about that. even after i eat i still feel sick to my stomach. my b___bs have gotten a little swollen, and i now i have blue veins on them, my periods are still weird. and im getting a lot of headaches, and i could have sworn last week i felt something move. it was kinda like something was swimming around. my periods havent been right since april, and i tried to take a preg test yesterday, but there wasnt a result. it was blank. and your not really supposed to take them at night, especially when you drink alot of fluids like i do. my mom is making me a doctors appointment but im not really sure what to tell them



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