Need Some One To Talk 2 Not About Preg

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Gaby - July 2

ok im feeling so bad right now, my boyfriend broke up with me on june 6 and im still crying everyday, he supposably broke up with me because we were fighting alot and because he has some problems at home which is true and that he wanted time for himself right now, he said that we would get back together later on, but that right now we should just be friends and i dont wan t_t that way, its not fair for me. i only talk to him in text messages but i feel that he is staring to get over me and that hes moving on while my dumbass is here still wanting to be with him. last night his cousin had a party and she wanted him and his friends to stand outside the door checking other guys before they went in and i couldnt sllep the whole night, i was up just wondering what he was doing and i sent him a text message and he never wrote back which made me think even worse. i dont know what to do anymore or what to think and the worst part is that i have no one to talk to so everytime i feel bad and i want to cry i have to keep everything to myself... i just want someone to talk to me and help me somehow


sophandbob - July 2

Hi there. break ups can be really hard, but are 9/10 for the best. Difficult to hear I know. It seems like he has made his decision, and the first thing you should do is make a break from him. Maybe delete his number to resist the text urge?


lilmomma88 - July 2

I know exactly how you feel. When I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend of 2 years left me and I was devistated. I could not sleep, hardly could eat, all I could do was cry. I was SO depressed. All I thought about was "where is he" "what is he doing" "who is he with" "is he with another girl" I honestly don't know how I lived without him. We hardly talked on the phone because he would never answer when I called, and we sometimes talked online and in text messages. We were broken up for 4 months and then he called me one day and said how much he missed me and he hated being with out me and I of coarse was still depressed and sad and crying everyday so I took him back. We are together now and we just had our little man 6 days ago. Remember this: *Whats meant to be will always find a way* if you two are meant to be together you will be together. who knows, maybe he just needs to realize what he lost >you dont know what you got til its gone< hang in there- and if you need someone to talk to, you can e-mail me anytime. [email protected]


Gaby - July 2

thats how im feeling right now and its really hard cuz i was with him for 3 years and two months and he had to mess it up.....and that is what i want, i want for him to miss me, to realize what he had and let go of so that he can regret it cuz he knows i loves his a__s.... thank you it makes me feel good knowing that someone understands me cuz i have to keep it all in



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