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ellys_love - March 24

i just turned 19 and recently got back with my ex boyfriend of 3years. last week i found out i was 3 weeks pregnant and when i told him he said i should get an abortion. it hurt me that he said it although i was not all too surprised with his reaction. i don't believe in abortion, my best friend had to have one because of her parents and i can honestly tell you all we've both been very depressed over it. she's like my sister and i loved that baby like my nephew. although my family agreed to let her into our house the pressure her whole family and his put on her drove her to that decision. back to my problem, i'm very happy with my pregnancy but i dont know how i'll be able to support my baby. my ex was going to marry me to help me with my papers, unfortunately my parents arrived with a temporary visa and stayed here longer than expected. although they are going to have their green card in about 2 years i no longer fit in with that law along with them because i'm considered an adult. its extremely hard to find a job and i'm paying $3000 every semester to go to school. i don't know what to do, he no longer wants to help me since i want to keep the baby and he doesn't. i don't want my baby to be born my country, i have nothing there. this is my home. someone please give me some advice.


Grandpa Viv - March 24

Oh dear, I work with our immigrant community and I know your dilemma. You need to discuss this with your parents, since they are part of your financial picture. If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, I am sure you will be able to arrange to give birth in the USA. Then you have to hope that a year from now the immigration laws will change in your favor. Good luck!


pfcwife - March 24

hi listen go to thes following website and tell them your ituation dealing with the immigration problem and they are great the will help you... or i perfer the first one they are really good at answering all kinds of questions.. good luck


ellys_love - March 24

thanks for the help guys. i'll definitely check out those websites. =]



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