Need Someone To Adopt My Baby

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Lillie Nadine - May 7

I just had a little girl 2 days ago, and as much as I hate to I must put her up for adoption. If anyone is interested in adoption please reply to my post.Im only 15 and my parents are making me give her up. I really need someone to adopt her and love her .Help me


Donna - May 7

I would but im a single person where about u from ??


Lillie Nadine - May 7

I live in Maui Hawaii, where are you from?


CHERYL - May 7



Donna - May 7

im from the uk


Cheryl - May 7

My husband and I have been married 11 years. We have a 4 year old adopted son. We are looking to adopt again. We want to do a private independant adoption. If you would like to talk I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the adoption process. And I would be happy to share more information about my family with you.


Anne - May 7

Hi Lillie, please email me at Take a look at our website We are only used to a little girl so this would be ideal for us. Please email me if you would like to chat.


Amanda - May 11

Hi there how are you I hope all is well with you. WE are looking to adopt a baby. We would also have an open adoption so that you can know the baby and the baby can know you. We have been trying for over a year to have a baby and if you are still looking please let me know and I will give you any information that you need.


Jen - May 11

Where are you from ? Here is my site


Lillie Nadine - May 11

I live in Maui Hawaii


Jen - May 11

Wow..Hawaii!!! Are your parents helping you fing an adoptive family? You want to raise her? Can your parents force you to give her up? Do you have IM?


andrea jones - May 11

hi my name is andrea and am in my last year of school and i live here in balitmore maryland and would love to take care of her and i would always send you pictuers of her write to you and let you know how she is do and always let you see her i will be 18 in aug and my mother do mean if i take her in so tell your mom and dad that you find someone who cant have kids who will love to take care of to you are old to take her back or not please gave me this ive lost to kids in my life thing about email me at or call me at 410-435-3448 ok and good luck mom


mandie - May 12

I am interested in adopting your baby. What did you name her? Me and my husband have been trying for over 5 years to get pregnant and its not happening. We long for our chance to be parents. Babies are so precious. Please email me at We pray everyday that we will have a child of our own or by adoption. It doesn"t matter whichever happens first. We both dream of going to Hawaii. How is it there? Please write me soon.


Mr & Mrs Lpoer - May 12

This goes to Lillie Nadine WE ARE A LOVING MARRIED CHRISTIAN COUPLE WAITING WITH OPEN ARMS AND HEARTS TO BE A FOR EVER FAMILY TO A NEW BORN. WE CAN DO OPEN ADOPTION OR WHAT EVER YOU WANT.WE WOULD ENJOY A PRECIOUS LITTLE BLESSING. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT US FEEL FREE TO WRITE TO US AND ASK US. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A BIRTHMOTHER THAT IS LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME FOR HER BABY. I am 29 and my husband is 24 and I was told that I can't have kids cause I have polycystic overies and we would really would love to have a baby to raise on of our own and all. If you want to know more e-mail us at hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to ask us what ever you want and we will answer you as best as we can. We live in South Dakota.


muneca - May 12

i think that you really want your baby...move to cali..they have programs to help young teens like yourself to a lawyer and find out your do have them.that is your child.she came from you and she is part of you. but if you think that you really cant handle it you gave the best gift that you can ..the gift of life.adoption is a wonderful thing..only if you know you have no other choice.


karen - May 14

Hello. My sister told me about your post and suggested that I post a reply. I am 41 yrs old and lost half of my reproductive organs while in the military. Unfortunately, I have never been able to have children or even become pregnant. I have been looking for a child in my area to adopt but the majority of children in my area are teenagers. I would be estatic to have the chance to mold a child's young mind into becoming a strong free-thinking individual. I myself am a vegetarian and love to hike and travel throughout the U.S. and Europe. My older sister has worked for the airlines for years and has always taken her children on trips to many foreign countries so they may experience as much as possible. Because of this, all of her children are college educated and have very high self-esteem. At 17, my niece had flown from Fla to Wyoming to spend the summer living and working in National Parks. Now 21, she lives in Montana and has a college degree and is a very strong individual. This would be what I would hope for my child. Happiness, confidence, success, and fear of nothing. I must add that her other two children have turned out amazingly well. One works in real estate and is involved with animal rescue, and her only son just started his degree at a very prestigious college. I must mention that my sister suffered through a horrific divorce and was so poor that I had lived with her just to try and make end meet. While her new job did not pay well, she did have excellent travel benefits with the airlines. Our goals and ideals for raising children are extremely similar. While I would like for my child to have the lastest games and toys to play with, I would find it more important to show them it is not what they have or what they can buy with money, but rather I would show them what they can have and what they can acquire with life experience, confidence, self-sufficiency, knowledge, honesty, and an open mind. I would be a great mother if just given the chance. My current phone # is 520-888-8038 but I am moving in two weeks and am not sure if it will change. I do not have a cell phone, and never will, so please leave a message 24/7. I live in the city limits of Tucson, Az and am moving to a more rural area so I will have more space for my animals to run. I have two dogs (12 & 13 yrs old), four cats (15, 5, 5, and 1 yr old) and 2 parrots (14 and 4 yrs old). I have always had animals in my life and would guarantee that if my child had ever wanted an animal of her own, the sky is the limit. I had my first pet probably around age 4, and have had rats to skunks, chinchillas to a wolf. You can contact me at


Nena - May 14

Dear Lillie Nadine, I am just now reading about you and my husband and I are interested in talking to you. Let me tell you a little about us. We are both 28 years old and both very well educated. We strongly belief that if things happen they happen for a reason. We just started to really consider adoption as an option. It just happened to be that my husband was looking around on the internet at work the other day and found this wonderful website where girls like yourself can see if private adoption is something you want to take on. We would be very happy if you would respond to our email at Take care.



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