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EverythingChanges06 - June 7

I just told my parents that I was pregnant and had actually missed my period..well at first my mom was shocked but she seemed to get better..My stepdad well he hasnt talked to me since sunday..before he even found out. My boyfriends mom is being very supportive about it, not trying to make me feel like complete c__p..His dad well he hasnt said a thing.. Now my parents say i cant finish high school that theres no point.I dont know what to do.


maren - June 7

Hey congradualtions. Just because your parents say you "cant" finish doesnt mean that you wont. There are tons of girls that finish high school and continue on to college while pregnant or having there child. Talk with your school guidence councelor they may have a program that works with teen moms at your school or at a surounding school. It is very possible to still graduate from high school while being a parent its alot harder but it can still be done. you dont have to listen to them when they tell you there is no point because there is a point you can get much better jobs if you have your diploma or ged


Corrine321 - June 7

Hey sweetie, You can still finsih high school... I am 15 and about to have my baby and i am finishing high school... The baby will be with her daddy (hes 19) when im in school or she will be at day care. There are many options you have... Telling your parents is the hardest thing, but it all gets better! trust me! if you would like to talk my e-mail/messenger is [email protected] and my site is


EverythingChanges06 - June 7

It's Getting Better but I've been avoiding my parents cause even though its better that they know they also make it much harder and i get depressed around them a lot. I have a doctors appointment at 9 am tomorrow. Though i already took a pregnancy test at planned parenthood today and got a positive i have to do it all over again and hopefully be referred to a obgyn by my doctor. My parents are just really angry that i dont wanna give it away for adoption. I just think..If I got through all 9 mnths and all the hardship it'll bring I dont wanna lose my child. If anyone can relate to that.


iandiara - June 7

Girl finish high school for u and ur child trust me it will pay off in the end because if you don't you will struggle to try to get it when your baby is already born


EverythingChanges06 - June 7

I want to I really do.I want to graduate with all my friends in may 2007. But my parents arent paying for my summer school now so i can be a senior and they said they arent going to pay for me to go to school this coming up school year anyway. They just want me to sit at home..For 9 mnths..I really dont want to.


xleannex - June 10

hey! i am only 15 and pregnant! ive finished high school but didnt get to do all my exams because of a teacher picking on me! but i really think u should stick in and do ur very best nmw any1 says 2 u gl xxx


kristi17 - June 10

Hey there. I'm 17 and have a 3 month old girl. If you don't want to sit at home, explain to your parents that you want to continue with school. I stayed in school until about a week before going into labor. Then i did tutoring/homeschooling until school let out. I'm gonna go back with my senior cla__s next yr. My parents didnt want me to do school either, they thought it was best for me to stay home. But i told them i wanted to do the best i could. Tell your parents that you're gonna try your hardest. Make a deal that if you dont keep up with your grades then you'll pull out, or see if you can get a tutor and still graduate with your cla__s. I think i repeated a lot lol..good luck



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