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here2help - March 25

If you need some1 to talk to, get support or just be friends then feel free to reply. I am here to help/listen. I can answer any questions. I am not here to make fun or be mean. I will reply asap. Hope i can be some help.


here2talk2you!! - March 25

Hi I think- well, I about know I'm pregnant and I am only 16. I haven't told anybody about it but I wish I could, I have my own personal page on but I need more than that I need somebody my age to talk to. I just really need somebody I can relate to I guess, well please write me back asap!!


here2help - March 26

How are you? how far along are you? If you told your parents what would they say/do? good luck!! Everything is going to be fine.


here2help - March 28



Clarissa - March 29

I believe I am about 6-8 weeks pregnant and feeling extremely emotional. My boyfriend is trying to be as supportive as possible but doesnt want wto keep it, we're young and i know he's scared, so am i. this has to be the most difficult decision i have to make since im thinking of 3 people right now. A kind, helpful listener who isnt involved is much needed.


Audrey - March 29

Clarissa- Pregnancy is an emotional time for both parents. Try to sit down with your bf and have a calm conversation about it. If you want to finish school, you do have options such as going part-time or studying from home (depending on your program). However if you are certain that you can't care for a child at this stage in your life, choosing abortion or adoption is a tough call. Many people will tell you to adopt because there are couples out where who can't have kids. Abortion is physically (and mentally) painful but does not affect your ability to have children in the future if the procedure is done properly. I wish you luck.


here2help - March 29

clarissa do you have msn messenger? yea pregnancy can be very emotional for everyone. just hang in there you will be fine.


here2help - March 30




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