Need To Breast Feed My Baby

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Anne - November 5

Hi Im 14 1/2 and 26 weeks along. Mom said that I have to br___t feed my baby as we can't afford formula. I was a size AA before I got pregnant now I'm a size A will I have enough milk. I can't go on welfare because they will put the baby's dad in jail if I do. So we don't have much money after paying the hospital bill.


O - November 5

A family of four can make up to 36 thousand dollars and still qualify for wic.for the first year they give enough fomula to last a least three weeks if not a month.(depends on baby)


O - November 5

just so your not confused that is every month.


hi - November 5

it doesn't matter your b___b size, after (or shortly before) birth, your milk will come in. After a few feedings you'll be surprised as to how much you really have. And b___st milk is soooo goog for your baby too. It helps with brain development and it immune system. Formula is so expensive to.. You have to get up and heat a bottle in the middle of the night-pardon me but it is sooo much easier just to whip out a b___b!!! And, you can feed your baby any where-with a shaw of the make nursing bras. Good luck to you.


??? - November 5

nope your tiny b___bs will have not enough milk better buy a cow!!!


natalie - November 5

right, dont listen to the idiot. your b___sts arnt actually holding the milk its the glands behind them. so it doesnt matter what sioze they are you will be fine


Another Question from Anne - November 5

My friend has been on birth control since she was 12 and got her first period. She lets all her boy friends suck her b___bs. She has the biggest b___bs in school. She siad it is because she lets the boys suck on her b___bs, She really like to have the boys suck on her b___bs both before and after having s_x. Will my b___bs get as big as hers because I'm b___st feeding my baby. I heard that I will need to feed my baby every 2 hours for months and use both b___bs each time I fed the baby. All the boy talk about is how big Cristies b___bs are and how they want to suck on them..


?? - November 5

If your family is strapped for cash WIC will provide you with heathy food for you to.(not implying you can't afford food.Every little bit helps)


to ?? - November 5

I can't tell any one who the babies father is or he will go to jail. So I cant get any type of a__sistance because I can't tell who the father is because he is already married and 35 years old and a teacher, they will say he raped me when I ask him to have s_x with me


?? - November 5

I don't tink they ask.It's not walfare.Find your local and ask.


Jbear - November 6

No one will ask who the father of your child is, and if they do, say you don't know. I was on welfare for both of my pregnancies, and the only time anyone asks about the father is when it's time to fill out the birth certificate. Just tell them there are a few possibilities, but you don't know for sure. Your b___sts will probably get bigger while you b___stfeed, and then after you're done b___stfeeding they might shrink and sag a little bit. The size of your b___sts has nothing to do with how much milk you can produce. Even if you b___stfeed, you should apply for WIC. They will provide some healthy food for you and education about nutrition and b___stfeeding. Also, Anne...a 35 year old married man has no business having s_x with a 14 year old. In most states you aren't legally old enough to consent to having s_x (you are old enough to consent in Canada, Hawaii, Iowa (with parents' consent) and South Carolina (with parents' consent)). In any other state, any adult man who had s_x with you would be raping you, no matter how much you asked him for s_x. The idea is that, as a child, you aren't mature enough to know what you're asking when you ask someone for s_x, and an adult should know enough to tell you no. Who has told you he'll go to jail? Him? It sounds like he took advantage of you and is continuing to do so. If you don't name him as the father on the birth certificate you'll never be able to get child support from him. It's as much his baby as yours, and he should be forced to take some financial responsibility for it. Also, his wife should know he impregnated a 14 year old. I know it would change the way I looked at my husband forever if he did something like that.


Michelle - November 6

You will not have to provide the name of the father to apply for WIC.


amy - November 6

the real qustion is do you want to b___st feed or feel you have to b/c of money.there are pro's and con's for both.


shaelynn - November 6

hi definetly go on wic... they dont need to know who the father is and u can get formula and cereal and all kinds of food for baby up to i think age 5? and u can get milk and some food for you up to a ew minths after the baby is born. good luck!



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