Need To Get On The Pill

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Almost a teeny boober - July 1

Hi. My names sally and i'll be 13 in August. I have been having unsafe s_x almost every day since school got out. the day after school got out I went over to my boy friends house and we ended up in his bedroom and we had s_x. Since then we have had s_x nearly every day except when I was having my period. It lasted about 4-5 days just like normal. Yesterday was exactly 9 days after my period He c_mmed inside of me twice but today he c_mmed on me before he could get in the first time and c_mmed a little he thinks the second time we did it. We have not used protection and I am afraid we will make a baby. A friend told me it took he six months to get the pill and she didn't get a baby. It's kind fun having s_x like my friends. But im scared of gettin a baby. Am I old enough for the doctor to give me the pill? My friend said I need to be 13 1/2 or 14 before I can have the pill.


Jbear - July 1

I don't know if there's a minimum age to get the pill, you should call planned parenthood and ask them. I do know girls your age can get pregnant, I've seen a lot of pregnant 12 year olds and their crying mothers in the doctor's waiting room. You could get pregnant anytime...Your friend was lucky that she didn't get pregnant in the six months before she got on the pill, but you just can't count on being that lucky. I think you should ask your mom to take you to the doctor for birth control, and in the meantime, start using condoms. There's no minimum age to buy condoms. The only thing you need to know about condoms is, when he puts it on he needs to leave some space at the tip, and after he c_ms, he needs to hold on to the rim of the condom and pull out right away (otherwise he could shrink and the condom could fall off in you).


Tween - July 1

I'm almost 12 (19 October) and I have been on the pill for six months I take Othro Tricyclin LO. My mom put me on the pill when she found me having oral s_x with my big brothers best friend.


lulu - July 2

You people are nasty. If was your mom Tween I would lock you up in your room and never let you out.



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