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falsehope1991 - July 9

hi um i was woundering i have been having some twitching in my stomach ,sore nipples, gainning weight,increase of appitight, and constanly needing to pee is it a possibility for me to be pregnant?


lunamoo - July 9

What kind of question is this? If you are male and have never had s_x then you are not pregnant. If you are female and have had s_x (even protected) then YES you can be pregnant. Do you REALLY want to know if you are pregnant?!? TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST


amanda17 - July 9

Yeah there's a possibility. It sounds like you are pretty far along too. At least 16 weeks I'd say. More likely 18 or 19 though. Take a test.


angelmonkey - July 9

what i have all thoses symtoms amanda and im only 8 weeks lol, well so i think i have a noticable bump so my doc is sending me for a dating scan as i,ve put on 10lbs now! false hope the biggest give away is if you have missed a period?


kimberly - July 9

Those are all signs of pregnancy but they are also signs of pms or a hormonal imbalance. The twitching isn't a pms sign but it could be gas and not fetal movement. Take a test!


amanda17 - July 9

angel you're already feeling twitching? That would be the baby moving, it's way to early for that. Maybe you're farther along than you think.


angelmonkey - July 9

well im pretty sure im not as 1. when i had my beta blood done at 9dpo it was 24 which was just about a positive and i used opk,s the month i conceived and ovulated but i really dont know im getting so big! i spoke to my doc about the twitching and he said it could be gas as i usually get it on my left side and your intenstines or summit or other sits on that side? the only other thing i can think of is twins lol, most people say your just bloted but im so not i look about 4months when im not bloated and about 5months when i am bloated lol, but i have my scan when the midwife rings so we,l see


amanda17 - July 9

You might just have a huge baby? Haha. Are you eating a lot more? Because you could just be gaining regular weight too. A lot of babies measure about two weeks ahead but that would still pretty early to be showing. Everyone is different though. Like I said I didn't show until 6 months and I just looked a little chubby. I remember when I was a week away from being 8 months and this lady was making conversation with me in the restroom asking if I was pregnant and how far along I was. When I told her I was almost 8 months she got this shocked look on her face and said "I looked that big when I was three months!!"


AddysMummy - July 9

Take a pregnancy test already. We can't tell you much of anything otherwise/


durante baby - July 9

Haha amanda, when I was pregnant with #1, I was so small that you couldnt even tell I was pregnant till my 9th month, before that I just looked a litte chunky...I use to hate it when I would tell random women that I was pregnant because when I told then how far along I was, and the looks they would give. I felt so bad!!Like I was rubbing it in their face trying to make them feel bad or something.... I remember with #1 being at the maternity store. I had tons of maternity clothes IO NEVER wore. The woman that worked there was pregnant she was HUGE I mean abnormally big, she was commenting how tiny I was for how far along i am, and trying to make her feel better I said "well Dont worry because you will have you LO in your arms and will be heading back down to size any day now, while I still have several weeks to go"......She didnt say anything then, but it came up in convo. later that she was WAY behind me in her pregnancy........I felt so bad afterwards I never went back to that store because I was so ashamed!...but I guess its okay cause with #2 I was like a freaken house!


amanda17 - July 10

dun dun dun daaaa. Hahaha, the dreaded maternity clothes! Good luck finding anything remotely cute. When i was pregnant I went to every maternity store I could find. Only ONE had cute clothes but they were really expensive, like 50 bucks for a regular cotton tank top. So basically I just went to old navy and bought a pair of jeans that made me look soooo fat, then I just bought shirts that were several sizes too large. I bought lots of long and stretchy shirts, and one size fits all shirts... then a lot of lose fitting dresses. I only wore maternity shirts toward the end of my pregnancy and they didn't even fit because I was too big. I hate to think what it's like for women with multiples to find some clothes haha.


angelmonkey - July 10

materninity cloths aren,t to bad here they have them in most shops and there quite nice



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