Need To Know What My Options Are

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Linda.F - February 22

Yesterday, the doctor confirmed that I am 11 weeks pregnant. I must have gotten pregnant almost as soon as I lost my virginity as the first time I had s_x was the Friday after Thanksgiving. My mom took me to the dr because she suspected I was pregnant (Morning sickness every morning for more than a month) She told me she will not pay for an abortion even if wanted one. My boy friend (the babies father) said he will help but he is only 15 and doesn't have a job yet. My mom told me that if I keep the baby that I will need a new place to live after coming home from the hospital and she will not help me care for her grand child. Please don't bad mouth me as I can do that for all of you. I just need to know what options I may have for keeping my baby


thomas - February 22

if you dont want it. you can put it up for adoption. dont count on you 15yr old unemployed boyfrient to help out at all. start thinking about you and the baby. sounds like thats all you got


layla - February 22

How old are you? I don't know the laws where you live, but you could call your local welfare office and tell them your situation and see what advice they give. Good luck to you.


Jen - February 22

Give your mom some time, maybe she will change her mind. Of course open adoption is an option but it sounds like you really want to keep the baby. I have an open adoption and it is great, I am the adoptive mom so of course it is great for sons birthmother tells me she made the right decision in doing an open she knows how our son is. Again, maybe your mom will come have time. If adoption is right for you, with your moms help find a good adoption agency and pick a family you connect with, thats VERY import. You must feel alone right now, maybe you can find someone to talk to like a counselor or something. You will be okay and things will work out, do what feels right for you but I do think you need someone to talk to. What is your mom like?


Julia - February 23

Linda give mom sometime to adjust. When she sees that baby the first time on ultra sound she will rpobably change her mind. Just take care of you and baby first. Then worry about everyone else. If you need a friend email [email protected] or AIM ldyjewels30


Audrey - February 23

Give your mother a chance, right now she's probably disappointed that you became pregnant at all, and she needs time to cool down. Try to talk to her without arguing, tell her you understand why she's angry but you love her and need her support. Also you should take pre-natal vitamins that contain folic acid, and be more careful about what you eat. You and your bf have to decide when/how to finish school and take care of the baby. Best of luck!



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