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Josie - November 3

Hey if anybody on here needs to talk to somebody you can email me at [email protected] I'm 16, turning 17 this month and pregnant..So, if anybody wants to talk feel free to email me.. -Josie


caz - November 4

yes. my best friend whp is 13 turning 14 had s_x in the summer with her X...she didnt really want 2 but she did. and she thinks she might be pregnant. she is really afraid. she did get her period the last week in october and should be getting it leter in nov. i would like 2 know what will happen if she is pregant. like how 2 find out if she is and if there is anyway 2 prevent it without any1 else knowing...or without having 2 get paretns involved. plzz help


KM - November 4

If she got her period, chances are she ISN'T pregnant. but you can still be pregnant and get a prd. Usually it is kind of different,like it isn't as heavy, or won't last as long.If this happened in the summer, she should have started to notice a couple symptoms by now. Some things she MAY be feeling are, sore or enlarged b___sts, cramping like period cramps, Nausea or morning sickness, increase or decrease in appet_te, food cravings or aversions, Extreme fatigue,bloating.Those are the most common. If she thinks she is pregnant, you can buy a home pregnancy test at any drug store or grocery store. Usually they come two in a pack, Take one, then wait a few days and take another. By now she should be far enough to get an acurate result, BUT it is possible to have false answers, thats why it is best to do it twice.The only way to "prevent" the pregnancy would to have used contraception such as the pill, a condom,etc. when she had s_x. There is however a morning after pill you can take within like 2 days I think of having unprotected s_x, which will prevent a pregnancy from occuring in most cases. Your friend, however is past that point. If she has reason to suspect she is pregnant from the tests (or u could skip the tests altogether) she should go to a clinic, most places have free anonymous s_xual health clinics, look in the phone book in your area.They can do a blood test to confirm a pregnancy, this is most acurate. At the clinic she can also talk with someone to discuss what her options are if she is pregnant. Abortion is confidential if this is what she choses. If the cost is not covered where you live, they can set up payment plans and what not with you.


anonymous - November 4




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