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Andrea - November 8

Hi, I am doing a Sociology Paper on teen pregnancy. I was a teen mom and am now attending University. it would help if someone could give me an idea on how you feel about the latest stats. such as teen mom have a higher rate of ending up on welfare. Thanks


Polly - November 8

i fell pregnant 12 months ago at 15 i am now 16 i live in a tiny 2 bedroom council flat with my baby girl. And i get just enough to live on from the goverment. I'm NOT a scrounger and when my girl starts pre-school i hope to get a part-time english course at college.


Andrea - November 8

Thankyou Polly, I am gald to hear of your future plans! It can be difficult but well worth it! I am in school getting my Nursing Degree. Good luck!


Andy - November 8

I got pregent when my my dad's friend raped me one night when they were getting drunk. I was 14 years old. My dad didn't believe me. and my mom wasn't home at the time. But I knew i had to do something. So when my dad's friend was over about 3 months after I had my little girl, after there night of drinking he pa__sed out and I cut a piece of hair from his head. I then sent it out with some of the money i was saving for school before this all happened and got a Dna test that proved he was the father. With this I went to my police and he was put away for rape. My daughter just turned a year old and I am now living with my mom. she kicked my dad out. She works hard to help me be able to go to school. I am in my sophomore year of high school. and I am looking for ways to attend the local community college. My life has changed dramatically but it was for the better. I love my daugther more then anything. and I plan on not being on welfare when i grow up. I plan on doing all i can for me and my little family...and that is my story <3


Andrea - November 9

Andy, Tears came to my eyes when I read what you wrote. Ypu are a stong girl and your child is lucky to have you as a mom! Trough something horrible you have a wonderful gift! I truly wish there was something that I could do to help you, all I can do is give you encouragment and wish you the absolute best in life, and know that anything is possible. Keep your head up and be thankful for what you have. Good luck in school, if you truly want something...consider it yours! Your storey and the others I have read inspire me to do things I never dreamed of so....thank you!



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