Needing To Cut Down On Juice

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abriamiacadia - February 27

yea i've been drinking juice like..all day today. And now im having a crampy feeling, and that because the juice? lol


KaseyA - February 27

Yes! I feel the same way, all crampy and icky :( Also I asked my doctor for stool softener and its really helped with the constipation.


abriamiacadia - February 27

....Is that how ya get stool softener? Your doctor? Because lmao my doc. is kinda cute..and i'd just feel odd. Why did i hafta get a cute doctor : ( this was exactly my fear. lol


EricaLynn - February 28

you can get them at a groccary store....its not like a perscription or anything...


Amanda18 - February 28

How can you even drink juice? Every kind except apple, even a smell of it gives me horrible heartburn. Anyone else have that problem? Oh and be careful about how much your drinking because juice is very sugary and you need to carefully watch your intake.


babyonboard16 - February 28

amanda water sometimes gives me heartburn...


abriamiacadia - February 28

Oops...everyone always tells me to drink juice cause coke isnt good for me lol.


Amanda18 - March 1

lol babyonboard.. I'm not that effected yet. No you don't want to drink soda (I do have one when I'm out to dinner or lunch.) but you also don't want to drink so much juice. My doctor told me to keep it at 1 gla__s a day if I really needed to drink some at all because of all the sugar. Also with 8-10 gla__ses of water a day I don't see how you can drink anything else. You must be living in the bathroom.


Amanda18 - March 1

duh are you drinking water at all? You should really try to drink more water then juice.


abriamiacadia - March 1

Well actually surprisingly I have been drinking alot more water than I ever had lol. usually I HATE water w/ a pa__sion and only drink it if i'm outside, or playing sports, and since i havent been outside hitting homeruns lately lol i dont drink it. BUT last week I was SICK SICK SICK and couldnt hold down ANYTHING not even the million gla__ses I had been drinking, but OMG ice water had felt SOO good against my throat lol. And yes, Amanda, I do live in the bathroom lol. Its my sanctuary ;p


Noodle - March 1

juicie should help prevent constipation not make it worse. But then again pregnancy does some wierd things to your body. could it be something else. If you feel embarra__sed asking your doctor., ask him for some lactulose. Or buy it over the counter. Its 100% safe to use in pregnancy. its made of sugars which arent disolved by the bowel. Its really easy to take - throw it in some cordial or squash. it just tastes like syrup. it will help your bowel loosen gently. Coor when i was pregnant with my first wish i had a bit of constipation. I had horrendous diroeahh (however thats spelt) for 7 months! i drank soda when i had my first. i had to. it sounds fnny but it was the only thing that took away the heartbiurn for me and it helped me feel less nauseous. i didnt have caffiene filled coke though. it was more like cherryade or lemonade.



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