Nervous That A Baby Might Come Sooner Than Expected

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KayLainne - January 18

I'm 17 - will turn 18 may 3rd - and my boyfriend is 18 - will be 19 feb 8th -. We have unprotected s_x probably about 4-9 times anywhere from one to two days a week. If he c_ms inside of me 2-3 times in a row each time, whats the chances of me getting pregnant? I know the easy solution would be to just not have s_x, or atleast use a condom but we have both agreed we dont like them. Plus, I refuse to go on birth control or any other kind of pill. Any comments?


tennesseewlkr07 - January 18

well duh , the chances of you getting pregnant having unprotected is like 100% depending if you hit the right day, why dont you want to go on the pill? i understand the not wanting to use a condom i dont like them either but not using any other form if protection is just irresponsable, it sounds like to me you are trying to get pregnant, even though you may not be, if you dont want a baby now dont have unprotected s_x its as easy as that. .. .good luck


KayLainne - January 18

Well I have heard horror stories about how the pill can ruin your changes of getting pregnant in the future, and thats defidently not what i want because i do wnat kids. I just want to be prepared for this baby...physically, mentally and financially


freebird - January 18

What kind of comments are you looking for exactly? You seem to be well aware that having unprotected s_x will likely lead to pregnancy. Where did you hear these 'horror stories'? The pill has been in use since the late 1960's and there is no clinical evidence that it causes fertility issues. If you don't want to get pregnant you need to either stop having s_x or use some sort of birth control.


hailey07 - January 18

I have been on the pill for a year + now and I actually got pregnant while on the pill. So believe me, the pill does not interfere with your fertility at all. And you should try to get used to condoms, no matter how well you think you know someone, you can never protect yourself enough from stds.


tennesseewlkr07 - January 18

its very unlikely that the pill will affect your fertility, once you get off the pill it may cause your cycle to be irregular for a few months but conception is still very possible


ChattyKathy - January 18

Kay, sweetheart, most women get pregnant sooner than 6 months after coming off the pill. Stopping the pill even triggers ovulation (which is why its important to take it every day). There are other options to consider, too. You could have a shot instead of taking a pill every day. You could have an IUD. And for gods sake, if you don't use anything the LEAST he could do is pull out! You aren't being safe at all! Take a trip to the gyno. Talk to your doctor about birth control options, safety, etc. Get educated. Do something. You don't need this right now.


KayLainne - January 18

Well then everybody I have heard those "horror stories" from are wrong, and i think i will be going to get the pill asap.


ash2 - January 18

Kay....i also do not want to start on the pill either because of many reasons. Every women i know that has been on birth control ( except for one ) has had to wait for at least a year before they fell pregnant. They can cause blood clots and strokes too. I would just use a condom. I have never used birth control pills, and have concieved every time i have tried. first time !


KayLainne - January 18

I defidently do not want blood clots or have to deal with strokes. But condoms are such a ha__sle. Whats the point in having s_x if you cant feel anything (wearing a condom).


KayLainne - January 18

Has anybody heard anything about spermicide?? Or tried it out?


ash2 - January 18

Well...we use the pull out method , and it has worked for us for 7 years !


KayLainne - January 18

What about the whole pre-ejactulation thing that happens?


Julie23 - January 18

I'm with Hailey.... We were planning for me to go off the pill in July so I could get it outta my system and we could start to ttc, well I got pregnant in late June while on the pill, so as far as fertility issues with with pill there are none! But if you don't want to use the pill then use condoms, who cares if you like them or not, even try the female's are truely a blessing but believe me alot of work. I have a 20 month old and am currently 32 weeks 2 days pregnant with my second and I am now questioning as to weather or not I can handle another one and i'm married and my husband has a good job. Just consiter the cons of takeing a chance on getting pregnant before you deside birth control of some sort isn't what you want.


apr - January 19

Kay-Hi. i hope you come back to be able to read this. I decided to comment when I saw your question about spermicides. Ok, I gave birth to a baby 5 months ago, and I am not b___stfeeding, and I really didnt want to get pregnant right away... so I spoke to my gyn. at my 6 week checkup and he gave me a prescription for pills. Half way through the pack my period started and went on forever. Okay, its not a period, its withdrawel blood. whatever... in any case I went back to him and he told me to continue another month. Well I continued and the bleeding didnt stop, so I stopped the pill!! I started using spermicides and they have protected me for 3 months so far! However, you do have to realize that if you are using them, they are not as effective as other types of bc! If you use them use them PROPERLY as instructed!!


CAROL - January 19

Girl, if you keep going the way you're going, you can expect to get pregnant ASAP. What is this bull about birth control pills? Millions of women take them, and when they discontinue taking them, millions of women have babies. So stop making excuses. If you really want a baby, admit it, get responsible, and plan it out. If not, get protected!


rl- - January 19

I got pregnant with my 2nd son the same month i went off the pill I went off then never got my af found out I was prego so the pill will not ruin your chances of getting pregnant in the future and what comments are you looking for it seems your just bragging about having unprotected s_x with your boyfriend which I hope you have both been tested for std's cause pregnancy is not the only thing you can get from having unprotected s_x and since you both hate condoms do the math....good luck!!



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