Nipple Drip

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EricaLynn - July 1

So Im about 15 weeks pregnant....and well I had a little nipple dripage today. Is that normal!? Its like clear and sticky and weird. Im not dying or anything right? Its okay if this happens I hope, and I hope Im not the only one who's sprung a leak.


Jamie-Lee - July 1

I get the same thing.It's just your body getting ready to produce milk.I was about to get in the shower when I first noticed it when I was about 15 weeks pregnant too,I called my Mom up freaking out about it.It happend to me this morning too,I was just sitting on the couch and the front of my night shirt felt wet and some had leaked out.What I hate is sometimes at night it will leak out onto my sheets.It's nothing to worry about,actually you should be glad because you'll have no problem b___st feeding.


18wbabynov - July 1

this has happened to me too... i didnt know if i was just imagining things, but this happened around 19 or 20 weeks for me... guess im not nuts after all!


Jamie-Lee - July 1

I'm just hopeing it doesn't happen again today because I'm wearing a white shirt and going to my best friend's brother's house (they are also my cousins).I think it happens more when you don't have a bra on though.So far it happend to me twice before I got dressed.


Jamie-Lee - July 1

Oops I ment to put that it happend twice before I got dressed today.


sophandbob - July 1

This is colostrom. The pre-milk that babies feed on for 2-3 days before the milk comes through. It is perfectly normal. You can buy breat pads, which are like sanitary pads for your bras, to stop any leakage coming through to your clothes.


EricaLynn - July 2

Thanks ladies, I know it was a personal question and everything...I had heard of it happeneing to people but wasnt sure if it was normal or bogus, and it seemed kind of early. It makes sense though because my mom b___st fed her kids forever, and when she did she said she produced more milk than a gernsy so maybe I will too. Thanks ladies.



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