No Lump Bump Or Bloat Scared

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Amanda18 - January 26

I'm 13w5d and besides feeling like complete c__p I wouldn't know I was pregnant. My stomach feels no differently then it has. At this point shouldn't I be feeling atleast a slight difference in the lower belly? A roundness or something? I didn't start out skin and bones but I'm not fat ( a little chub but less since this sickness has kicked my butt.. have lost about 6lbs). Being stupid I start looking at all these belly pics and really freak myself out because everyone has some kind of bump. DH has been bugging me about it too asking if it's normal and how the h__l do I know? So since you all are or have been pregnant is this normal? Did you notice a difference at this point in your pregnancy? I'm about to have a very big anxiety attack and go to the freaking hospital and make them give me an ultrasound so I know everything is ok but if anyone can tell me this ok you'll save me $50. Ok done freaking out lol. Thanks!


CMAgrad07 - January 26

Actually I knew a girl that was pregnant and Throughout her WHOLE pregnancy no one could ever tell she was pregnant. But you aren't too far along in the pregnancy to worry about it though. Next dr. appointment if still nothing then I'd ask. My best friend is 15 weeks and she has a little bump and it's sorta hard but it's nothing anyone could notice. Good luck and Don't Worry!!


San - January 26

You're fine sweetie. By the time I was 13w5d you would have thought I was 6 mths pregnant...but that's just the way I showed with both of my pregnancies. I know this woman who IS 7 mths pregnant and you wouldn't even know it. I also know someone else who is 34 or 35 (can't remember) wks and she just popped about 4 weeks ago. I know it's scary with the first time pregnancy, and I believe you were trying for awhile, but I'm sure all is normal. I hope between me and the poster above we've helped you out enough to save $50. Good luck!!


Amanda18 - January 26

Pregnancy has turned me into the most anxious nervous person probably on this planet. I'd most likely still freak out if I showed too much lol. Serious issues. Thank you for saving me $50! I'm sure I'll find something else to go crazy over in a couple days lol.


Grandpa Viv - January 26

At 12 weeks the uterus only reaches to the top of the pubic bone. Perhaps if you push down and in behind the pubic bone with your thumbs you might feel something. By 20 weeks it is up to the belly b___ton. Good luck!


lllwhadacutiell - January 26

worrying is just going to make things worse...but everyone just sits there and waits for the slightest bit of there belly to stick out so they feel a little rea__sured that they are just a couple weeks behind you...ive been told that literally one day your belly just pops out...just keeeep waiting..i already had an ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat...they did it early because originally they had my due date the 6th of august so they thought i was further along...that made me happy because it was proof for me know? but im not really showing either..and lately ive just been tired and moody...occasionally ill feel a little sick but i havent had morning sickness at i know what you mean because sometimes im almost worried that somehow someone made a mistake at the doctors office and im not really pregnant...all you can do is ultrasound should be comming up no? ..that will really rea__sure you..


Amanda18 - January 26

I've had an ultrasound and have heard the heartbeat. Everything looked perfect and sounded fine but I still worry about everything. I have to get used to it cause I know it will only double when the baby is actually here. Thanks grandpa viv. I know the uterus just starts coming up but even in all my preg books the pictures show them with a bump so I figured I should definitely be able to feel it if not really notice by looking.


lllwhadacutiell - January 26

i know how you feel...i look at pictures all the time too because im just like hmmmm i cant wait till i can feel my baby kicking and all that good stuff...and actually look pregnant..and then i see some of the pictures that are like 8 weeks with some girl with a 6 month looking belly and im like why dont i look like that????? but its definately impossible because your baby is only about the size of like a grape or two haha...some people just start bloating quickly...or eat like crazy because they know theyre pregnant and it makes up for the extra weight gain they if youve already had a baby you pop out a lot soon...its hard not to worry least you know youre not gaining TOO much weight though you know ?


YoungLove - January 26

okay, strange story time: I recently met the mother of a girl who went to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pains. They found out she was pregnant (she had no idea, she'd been on the pill consistantly for the past year, actually), and thought that they would be delivering a 4month old fetus. Out comes a perfectly healthy 8 1/2 month along baby. She never gained more than 5 lbs during her pregnancy, and never realized it, because her period had messed up ages ago because of birth control. So, overnight she had to get used to being a mother. Pretty messed up, right? But I think that everyone gains weight differently during pregnancy. At 15 weeks, I look like I'm in my 5th-6th month... and I've always been tiny... I don't know if that has anything to do with it.


abriamiacadia - January 26

Im only 10 weeks and im showing. Its just everyones body is different. I think its just fat thats poking o ut me lol. I eat all the time. Dont worry about not showing. You'll show during your own time lol.


pixie2 - January 31

remember that your child is only about 3 inches to 4 inches long and weighs less then a pound. I am in the same boat, I got sick this past week and am also as far along as you are. Im scared because my belly used to show, and now it has kinda gone away some. Ive lost weight to, I lost 5 pounds last month and even more this month. I know that it is early in the pregnancy, but really you shouldnt worry about it till you are about 6 months. Thats when you really ought to be showing. This is my second pregnancy. My last pregnancy I didnt even know I was pregnant until 5 months. I wasnt paying attention to my periods, and I even went snowboarding at 5 months pregnant. It was right after I got back from the snowboarding trip that I found out I was pregnant. Dont worry, babies are troopers. My daughter is now 18 months old. you can see her at.. katelynnicole . com (no spaces)


ChattyKathy - January 31

Honey, women who aren't showing generally don't take pictures of their little bellies. So you aren't going to see many pictures of women who aren't! You're perfectly natural. Many women don't start showing until the middle of their second trimester. Nothing at all and then one day it just pops out overnight! Everyones different! So don't be worried. You'll start showing soon enough.


apr - February 1

Amanda-I was exactly like you. It's quite funny, I ran to the clinic (which is open by us for gynecology from 7am till 12pm)so I at least saved myself unnecessary trips to the ER. I wasnt showing at all until 22 weeks, and even then, only people who saw me all the time could tell I was pregnant. I had this tiny little bump, and thats all! I was constantly worrying, and checking my stomach every week to see if it grew etc. By 28 weeks my ob sent me for an emergency ultrasound at the ER to check if the baby is actually growing because I was so small. By the way I lost a ton of weight the first 4 months b/c I was so sick. Well at 32 weeks I finally popped, and carried my baby a full 42 weeks. He was born 3400 grams (sorry I dont know lbs) and its a very nice average size. My baby is now 5 months and is above average in weight lol. Dont worry, if they checked it all on ultrasound, then ur fine. Good luck.


apr - February 1

sorry-just realized you posted a few days ago, but maybe that will put ur mind at ease



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