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let me hear what you have to say - April 16

Adoption: How can you carry a life for up to nine months and give it away? I mean I know that people have their problems, but when my family wanted me to abort or give my baby boy up for adoption, I left home. I lived in a shelter and I made it. I live on my own now and I'm so proud to see my soon. I wonder to myself how it would have ever been if I gave him up or killed him. I wouldn't get to see his first smile, or watch him first walk, or call out to me. Even when I was pregnant with him, I loved the mess out of him and I was overprotective. How could you give up a life that you made to someone else, that honestly you barely know. If they want babies there are fertility clinics. STOP ABORTIONS N THINK BEFORE U GIVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABY AWAY


maya - April 16

i agree. if i ever get pregnant at any age i would have my baby and love it. no baby deserves to not know their parents or live a life. the world is messed up now and probably always will be but so what. if i conceive a baby by rape, uplanned or planned i will stick by it. and i think everyone should. i want to say thank u to people who kept their kids and people decidin not to give it thought. its ur decision and future


? - April 16

Some people are not selfish with their babies. They know they are not ready to be parents. So they give their baby a home with two parents who are mature, stable, and able to give them evrything they would not have otherwise. Plus this gives them the oppurtunity to have a future themselves go to college, get a career, and become mature independant adults who do not depend on their mommies help or the states help. Then when the time comes for them to have a family they are more ready. But at least they know they gave the child a life rather than murdering it or dragging in and out of relationships with different men until they finally find mr. right. I could go on but I will stop there.


Let me hear what you have to - April 16

It's not a point of being selfish with your own CHILD. There are options besides abortion and adoption for pregnant teens. When these teen girls get older and have children it's always going to be in the back of their mind about the child that they gave up. And who is to tell when they are adopted, those parents probably won't treat them the way they should. I have heard horrible stories about kids who ended up in foster care and adpotion. I would never give my child up. I'm not being selfifh because that is my child, not yours or anybody else's. I had hell with my family. And I'm fine now. In college, engaged, working, n trying to help young mothers. Anyone who has trouble conceiving.. maybe it's not for you to do... or go to a fertility clinic.


? - April 16

I have no problems with fertility. i just choose to adopt because my career will not allow me to take time to be pregnant at this point in time.


??? - April 16

Most children in foster care are from mothers like yourself who thought they knew what they were doing then a fews years later their child ends up in foster care because they were proven unfit parents who were just hanging on to their kids for that precious check the state hands out. I know I have plenty of cousins who were just like you. Now all of their kids have been adopted out throught the foster care system.


????? - April 16

I know plenty of people who are adopted and they are happy and proud to be adopted. They consider themselves very blessed. And there are several birthmoms who would diagree with you about regretting their choice for adoption. They are happy with their decision and know they made the right choice.


Let me hear what you have to - April 16

I'm in college, I'm engaged to my baby's father, I'm very much there for my child.... and guess what I don't relay on the state. I take care of me and my child. I'm a certified nurse a__sistant in the process of becoming a registered nurse. having a child ( even if I wasn't ready for one) made me mature. I had a reason to live because someone needed me. I could never have gave up my son. I went through hell and in the end I made it. I don't have to wonder how my son would look, or is he beening taking care of, why? because I'm taking care of him and loving him. That's a mother's job. I have no regrets.... just pure love


Let me hear what you have to - April 16

I feel the only time a child needs to adopted or taken away from the parent if when the parent's enviroment isn't good for the child. But you can't take away a baby from a confused teen mom. They can probably be able to take care of their child, with the right support.


Amanda - April 16

U need to understand that all people are differant. Just because you kept your baby other people can not have kids and adoption is there only choice and some people are just not ready to be parents that is their choice


Jen - April 16

Some people are not ready to be parents or to be a that really hard to understand? If you know you won't make a good parent why rasie the baby. It's great that people want to give their baby a better life. Not everyone is just like.


Jen - April 16

Are you really that closed minded that you can't understand?


? - April 16

Girls who are looking to place their children post their situation. That opens the door and gives us every right to reply. So shut up. And there is nothing wrong with adoption. By the way I noticed you didn't exactly make it on your own. You had to live in a shelter. Personally I have never spent a day of my life living in a shelter because I had mature, responsible parents who were ready for a family and were MARRIED and worked to take care of us and offer us a good, safe, stable home. You do not sound stable enough to be raising a child . Maybe you should have reconsidered adoption as your option. Then maybe your child would have had a real family.


Let me hear what you have to s - April 16

and secondly I'am with my baby's father ( soon to be married). I could never have gave my child up for adoption. he gets the best of the best from me. I've manage to obtain a trade, go to college, still have my child and family. I've beat the odds and survived like a champ... and there are many other teens that can do the same. U understand that.


?????!!!!! - April 17

U don't even understand YOURSELF. You are putting down adoption in one sentence and then you turn around and say go adopt a druggies kid. Adoption is adoption whether it is some girl who is on drugs or not on drugs. No one is telling YOU THAT YOU have to choose adoption. But you have no right to judge other girls who do choose adoption. And furthermore as I stated before, I am not infertile I just have a very demanding job that will not allow me to be pregnant at this time. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?


Zena - April 17

Sounds to me like you considered adoption yourself at some point in your pregnancy. And I guess you are happy with your decision. But you have no right to try and tell other girls what to do. You live your life and let them live theirs. What is best for you may not be best for someone else.


Tammy - April 17

What's wrong with this picture? She is getting married to her babies father. AWWWW isn't that sweet. People used to get married THEN have babies not the other way around.



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