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Silver - November 19

i'm not a teen anymore.i'm 22 years old but i'm totally freaked out on how to tell my parents that i'm pregnant!uh,by the way,i'm happy that i'm pregnant! :-) i just don't know how to tell my parents.i'm terrified of what their reactions will be.


321654 - November 20

take them on Oprah they will nderstand then.


RT - November 20

I'm 20 and don't know how to tell my parents that I am preg. I think they are going to freak out and kick me out of the family. I really hope not. I am so scared to tell them.


T - November 20

Silver & RT - Telling a parent you're pregnant is not going to be an easy thing. But unfortunately it is something you will both have to face, accept and do. I'm sorry there is no easy way for you to tell them you're pregnant. If I was in your position, I would tell my parents at home. Somewhere where we are both comfortable and on equal footing. Since you are both adults the idea of you both being pregnant wont be as bad as a 14year old telling her parents she's pregnant. So try not to worry. Just tell them in the only way you know best. Sit them down and tell them together. It might help if your boyfriends are there so your parents will know that he's planning on being a part of the babys life. If he isn't going to hang around or cant be there, then it may be easier to tell them like I've said above. Or you could even ask a close friend to accompany you when you tell them. Good luck to you both!! :o)


E - November 20

I would not have the boyfriend, or any friend with you b/c it is too personal. I can imagine if my future daughter has to tell me something like that, I would not want people at my house. Especially the father of the baby b/c my husband might kill him if he goes into shock. I would wait until their shock subsides so they do not have the opportunity to say anything that they may regret. It will give them time to absorb the news and treat the father with respect as he will be their grandchild's dad. He deserves respect for that reason. Also, 22 is not that young so I would not worry too much. Best of luck!!


T - November 20

Thats true E but it might be easier for both of them if they had someone with them. :)



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