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abriamiacadia - February 6

...Ugh, I cant take it anymore. Its like I keep falling into bouts of depression. I used to be that one girl in school who was friends with everyone, and ALWAYS had a smile on her face, and was sometimes too nice. Now Im this TOTAL stranger, I'm SOO mean, my mother cant stand being around me sometimes. I'm either fussing or laying in bed crying and sleeping all day. I know my hormones are all outta wack and stuff. I figuere its probably the baby toying w/ my emotions, but honestly, Im not me...its quite scary sometimes...Do you think this will be a long lasting affect, or that i'll be back the same after baby?....***by the way, sorry if i affend anyone on posts, I'm mean these days and cant stop from saying something, that I dont think about first....*sighs*


apr - February 6

what week r u in now? maybe u should talk to your dr about it, although its very normal to have mood swings. if ur feeling really depressed then talk to ur doctor.


abriamiacadia - February 6

11th almost in my 12th week.


apr - February 6

mood swings are a normal part of the first trimester and can last throughout, but if you are feeling depressed, id say talk to ur dr about it... maybe someone else has more info on this


ChattyKathy - February 6

Its only been recently that i've started to feel positive about this pregnancy, and i'm still not completely okay! Depression is common in pregnancy, as is fussing at everyone and everything! its all about those stupid hormones. Then you have the baby and have postpartem depression. Then you have the stress of being up all night and having a baby to take care of. Its not easy, but you'll make it through. Positive thinking takes practice. You're under a lot of stress right now so its understandable... but if you practice trying to have a positive att_tude then eventually it becomes easier. Theres no reason to think you're doomed to be miserable for the rest of your life. The second trimester is the feel good months. You're not too far from being there. Just wait it out. Things do get better.


little_snowball - February 11

i was never positive about mine. and when i had the baby, i still felt like i was taking care of someone else's kid. it took me long time to get over it, but i did.


Noodle - February 12

i had horrendous depression when i was pregnant but it does pa__s. use it as an excuse to eat lots of chocolate



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