Not Ashamed

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Jenn - September 22

I'm not "proud" to be a pregnant teen, but i have been reading way too posts where people are calling us s___ts, or where their only advice is to tell us to stop having s_x. Lets get this straight, Pregnant Teen does not equal irrisponsible, or s___t, or stupid, or immature, or any of the idiotic steriotypes people place on us. We do not come to this website to get lectured, we have friends and family for that, we come for advice. If you don't like the idea of us being pregnant, you're on the wrong forum. You do not know us, or our stories, and unless you take the time to stop and find out, keep your negativity to yourself. I was on the shot when i got pregnant. BEING SAFE. thats 99.8% effective. I got pregnant with my boyfriend. I have enough problems right now. I don't need to hear c__p from people.


Robyn - September 22

I'm not a teen, but i do agree with you. People on here could be very cruel. I'm sorry for your situation - but it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders - I'm glad you're here to get advice. Don't pay attention to these jerks on here. Good luck to you and stay healthy.


candi - September 22

im a teen and pregnant and im giving my baby up for adoption, and i have been called many names, is not called for, im doing the best i can in place, and i bet u are too. good luck i hope everything works out for u


Kelly - September 22

Being on the shot is not safe, as you can get STDs. If you don't like the way people are treating you now you have better grow a thicker skin. What you hear when pregnant will only be the start of it. Good on you Candi, your child will be very grateful that you placed it for adoption. It's such a wonderful gift to your child.


Robyn - September 22

Nice Kelly - you're a big help! The poor girl said she wasn't proud of what has happened but she's dealing with it - obviously she trying to do the best she can for her situation. Ever hear of "walking a mile in someone else's shoes" - don't judge her! It doesn't help when you bring her down - if you think you're such a know-it-all then why don't you use your smarts to help her instead of hindering her!


Kelly - September 22

I've been in her situation and I'm not judging her. Fact is, people get a lot nastier with their comments after the baby's born. I've been there and done that. I did try to help her - if she wants to get through this she needs a thicker skin, she needs to stop taking what people say to heart.


Jenn - September 22

... With my boyfriend suggests that i was sleeping with just him, he was sleeping with just me. No wories about STDs there. And i'm not hurt by what people are saying, i am offended, and i do absolutly not think it is appropriate.


Ca__sandra - September 22

I totally agree. People come on here and are so rude to other people. This forum is for people to interact with people that are in the same situation as one another and to make friends and get support and ask your questions. Not to be juged and called names.. and Jenn.. I have agreed with everything you have said. Some things people say on here are not appropriate. Good luck to you all. <33


True - September 22

SOME 10-17 years old trying to get pregnant are IMATURE. Some don't even have a boyfriend for crying out loud!! IRRESPONSIBILITY yes, because s_x without a condom = pregnancy. (By the way there is free birth control for those who want it at a local planned parenthood) But accident's do happen, (not to say the baby itself is an accident) but you should learn from it and try to make the best of things. You can make it through if you are serious about providing the best for your baby. Finish school, get a PT job because some girls are not blessed by having the support of family and friends. That's why I advice anyone trying to get pregnant to think about the consequences first, because once you are a mom your baby comes first. Best of Luck, and I hope that you can be a teen mom success story. Just turn all the BS people tell you and turn that into strenght, you are better than that and you know it, being a teen mom does not make you a second cla__s citizen, it makes you even stronger to make it. :)


Heather - September 22

EVERYONE makes a bad decision once in their life! That's what happened to a lot of girls on here. Stop blaming them because you yourself have made bad choices too they are just different.


Mom2be - September 23

I hope my mom is understanding to I am 14 and want a baby. I am not a ho I have been with my lover for 1yr & I dont care if any1 calls me names you just have to stand up for yourself.



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