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PrettyShadows - November 18

Well ladies, long time since i've been online. I've ben having a rough time, had another chemical pregnancy last month and i've been thinking alot about this time last year and how i was pregnant. I also read a story about a woman who wasn't compatable with her partner. What if that's the case with me and mine? We've been trying for two years!! One complete miscarrage and two chemical pregnancies later and i'm still not preg. I thought that the chemicals were a good thing cause it means we are compatable but what if i'm not compatable carrying a child? I'm so fed up at the minute. It's been two years too long


jennifer_33106 - November 18

Hi Pretty Shadows! Havent heard from you in a while!!! Have you been to see a OBGYN or a RE? What you were talking about can happen but it is highly unlikely. There are so many many things that could be wrong! I would definatly get things checked out!


ChattyKathy - November 18

Chemical pregnancies are usually due to improper implantation. Have you been charting? Are your luteal phases (the time inbetween ovulation and your period) lasting 12 days or longer? If they aren't this could be the answer to why your embryos haven't been attaching properly. But you should talk to a doctor. I doubt you two aren't compatible. your doctor may not even find anything wrong with you, but you've been waiting a long time so get yourselves checked out.


PreciousBaby19 - November 19

Hiya hun . Long time no speak. I know how hard it is for you to keep getting discouraged and thinging that its never going to happen. I have been having tests done and my dr says there is no reason we can't have a baby ^_^ i know its hard hun to have all these bfn's allthe time. But i'm sure that its just stess. but since you have been waiting so long its best you both get tested just in case. there are many things the doctors can do for you these days that your chances look extremely good. I'm sure all will be alright. So just go in and talk to your doctor and get some of the basic tests done. your doctor will ease your nerves and cause for less stress and make way for your perfect bean!! I was watching a birth story where this one coupe waited 17 years to conceive...they did everything..and eventually gave up...only to be suprised they now have a beautiful set of twins!!! So miracles can happen. And yours will!!



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