Not Pregnant Confused

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PrettyShadows - July 16

I took a test this morning...and after all of the symptoms i have had (you name it i had it honestly!!) i thought it'd say positive...but it was a negative..I was confused so i went to my doctor. She said that the depo-proveria injection i had been on had interfered with my hormones...It really upset me. I feel like i've lost something that wasn't there. I felt love for a baby that wasn't there. Me and my fiancee were so happy and now it's just gone. We went for a meal and had a long talk. We've decided to stop using contraception and let nature take it's course. I knw that i am only 17. But he works and i am going to take an nvq in bar managment (my parents own pubs) so that i can run my own pub. I know alot of you will think i am stupid and tell me that i am doing the wrong thing but i also know that some of you fele the same way as me. And i guess we should all support eachother!


young_mum_2_b - July 16

hey, i'm dont think your stupid, even tho your young all maternal instincts are the same, once you find out, or in your case thought you were carrying a child you automatically love that child and want to do your best to ensure it stays long as you feel your ready, you and your fiance have a good relationship and your financially stable i'd say go for it...good luck ttc and i hope everything turns out ok for you :D


lilmomma88 - July 16

i agree, before my son was born my b/f and i ttc, i was only 16 and he was only 17, but we didnt care we knew we loved each other and wanted a baby. then we stopped trying because we knew we were too young. a few months later and what do you know...i was pregnant! as long as you have the money and you and your fiance love each other unconditionally..why not?


mizaditude - July 16

Even though your not going to be using birth control, you need to be patient. Alot of people on Depo don't start ovulating for a while. I was on depo for about 2 years with no ovulation, so no period. Then I got on the pill, I stopped taking the pill after my last period then, that month I was pregnant. But everyone is different so don't expect to get pregnant right away. Like you I wanted to get pregnant and before I actually got pregnant, I had every pregnancy symptom and then once I actually got pregnant, I didn't have any!! You just need to know your body b/c I knew I was pregnant before I even tested, i guess it was just that womanly instinct.


PrettyShadows - July 16

Thanks to you all :) i really thought i'd get alot of abuse for what we have decided. I was told it may take upto two years for me to ovulate afetr being on the depo, but i was only on it for about three months so i don't know if it'll be less as i wasn't on it for long? We know we'd be able to provide for our child and love him/her so much. I'll keep you all posted about it!!


enigmum - July 17

Any age is ok, as long as you feel ready. I was 17 when I got pregnant, but the problem was I wasn't ready or prepared at all. So congrats to you for knowing what you want.


mommy101 - July 18

I dont think your dumb that happend to me .... its like having a miscarage if you really though it was there and that would be hard on any one... and plus your fiancee has a job and you have plan so its not like your bring the baby in to nothing.. and if you and your fiancee are BOTH ready they i think its a good thing ... good luck.


PrettyShadows - July 20

Exactly mommy101! I feel like i've lost a child! I know i haven't but it hurts so much! We honestly thought i was pregnant for about two weeks, thats two weeks of love for a child that wasn't there. It scares me how much i want a baby now! We feel we both are ready. I have talked to him about it and he spent a few days thinking about it. then he took me to a resturant and told me that he thought it was the rght thing to do and he knows we can support a child right now. My injection doesn't run out until August 26th though. So we have to wait until then. People keep telling me to wait until i am 18 but with being on the injection my fertility may not return until then so i may nopt get pregnant until i am 18 anyway. In my mind age doesn't matter. We can support our baby and give it all of the love it needs...We may be only 17 but people mature at different ages and i think we're mature enough and ready for this!


MelissaP - July 20

I just have one question sweetie. How can you run a pub when you are 17 years old? You have to be 21 to even be able to step foot inside a bar and to drink. Or do you live elsewhere out of the United States? I was just curious.....


PrettyShadows - July 20

Gosh sorry! I didn't mean to cause any confusion! I live in England. Over here you can work in a pub at the age of 16 as long as you are on an nvq. After you are 18 you can run your own pub. I keep forgetting that some of you are as far away as America! Sorry for causing confusion!


angel_eyes88 - July 21

Hi Pretty Shadows, just to let you know im in the same boat, I'm 18 and my bf is 20, TTC for a year and 2 months now! diff partner tho for 3 months! x


PrettyShadows - July 25

I hope you get your BFP soon angel eyes! I can't wait to get mine! It'll be the happiest day of my life!


midnight_drift - July 25

Hey you know what, if you are ready 100% then I say there is nothing wrong with you ttc. You're old enough to know right from wrong! if you want to chit chat, my e-mail is [email protected] I just turned 18 and was married at 17 =)!



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