Not Ready For A Baby

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Worried - September 3

me and my boyfriend used protection but we got pregant anyways. we both are in collage and not ready for a kid. we don't have a whole lot of money so we can't afford an abortion. what do I do


Carrie Anne - September 1

Have you weighed your other options- keeping the baby or adoption?


Jess - September 2

If you didn't want a baby - you shouldn't have had s_x! You can't have used protection 100% correctly if you got pregnant! You have to face the consequences now - abortion is free so I don't know why you say you can't afford it! If you don't wish to have an abortion why don't you give the baby up for adoption? and for goodness sake take PROPER measures to prevent pregnancy (birth control pills, condoms)! S_x is not a game. s_x PRODUCES BABIES!


brittany - September 2

abortion is FREE? please oh please better inform yourself it is far from free in most states and can range anywhere from 200$-1000$. and yes it is possible to become pregnant using protection 100% correctly. Thats why no contraception method is 100% prevent_tive against pregnancy...


Lou - September 2

Inform yourself Brittany b4 you write. Abortion is FREE in some states!


brittany - September 2

I said IN MOST states..


Jennie - September 2

There is to a method that is 100%. It is called KEEPING YOUR PANTS ON! Before you ask, no I don't practice it but at least I know it brittany. No 100% contraception-- You are laughable!


brittany - September 2

oh god- get serious. i was talking as in condoms, diaphragms, birth control.. things like that


Viv - September 2

Sorry abour your predicament, Worried. Have you tried talking to Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-PLAN. They will give as good advice as anyone. Abortion is free in Italy, Lou, but let us know what states in the U.S. provide free abortions. I'm sure you know what you are talking about, but I would like that list too.


Brenda - September 2

Have you thought of letting someone adopt your baby. Many people wanting to adopt will pay for your medical as well as the adoption process. Only you know if you are ready or not. If you truly are not I think adoption is the way to go only because I am personally against abortion (I would never judge someone though for making that personal choice). Good luck with whatever you decide.


manda - September 3

in what states is abortion free???... you guys act like shes a little kid shes in collage and used protection so dont bash on her



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