Not Ready For A Baby 3

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Worried - October 18

Okay, I do not even know if I am pregnant yet but I am 17 years old and I have 2 babies. I am really nervous about the possibilty of being pregnant again. I am married to my childrens' father and he is a great dad. I am just worried because if I am pregnant we are going to have to give it up for adoption. We are barely affording our first 2 and we are doing everything on our own. Please do not critisize me, for all I am looking for is some support. I would really appreciate someone to talk to about this because I know if I'm pregnant it's going to kill me inside to give this baby up. I am one to own up to my mistakes, and just to all the girls who enjoy putting others down, both my kids were b/c babies and I am on the patch now. Just please talk to me if you know things about open adoptions. I will update you in 2 weeks to let you know if this post was even needed. P.s. The reason I am suspecting it is because I am having alot of the symptoms.


kate - October 18

im not a teen im 22, but im have one baby and one on the way, kind of know how u feel i dont know how im going to handle this new one. if u want to email me u can at [email protected] good luck


HH - October 19

Hi. My hish school boyfriend has a brother who is two years younger and who was given up for adoption because his mom couldn't make it with two. When my boyfriend was about 22, they met the brother. Everyone felt that it was all the way it should have been, except my boyfriend, who was a little jealous because the adopted brother had had an easier life, had college paid for, etc. I'm sure it was really hard for the mom, but in the end she really felt like it was the best decision she could have made. I feel for you- it will be a difficult and painful situation, if you are pregnant. I will say a prayer that you aren't. Good luck.


What? - October 19

You had two kids while on the pill and got pregnant again while on the patch? That must be one for the books! Seriously, if you got pregnant twice while on the pill don't you think you should have been using a condom IN ADDITION to any new birth control method you were using? Just a thought.


karine - October 19

iam 22 and pregant #3. They were all planned. But it is hard on some days. how old are your babies? mine are 3yr&22mts.We also always made it on our own, it is very hard. but you may just have to use some kind of help, if you decide to keep it. use WIC. but i dont know anything about adoption. But i know that i would never be able to give one up. you need to think hard about this desicion!!! cause it will be with you for the rest of your life. if you need to talk here is my email [email protected]


To What? - October 19

Was there even any point in saying that? I'm sure the coincidence has already occured to her. And also its too late now isn't it.


Cheryl - October 20

Hi worried, I am an adoptive mother of a 5 year old. We have an open adoption with his mother. If you would like to talk you can email [email protected]


Jbear - October 20

When I was on birth control, I would always get pregnancy symptoms. It could be just a false alarm. If you're not pregnant, you might want to talk to your doctor about a more reliable form of birth control, like an iud.


chemere - October 21

Hey congads in a way. If you really want to give this baby up then please email me at [email protected]


to chemere - October 23

im not trying to be rude or judging u but seriously i dont think this is the site for u, im sorry but i think u need to go to an adoption site or something, i no ur just trying to help but it seems like ur desprite for a baby, these teens r just looking for advice not a new mother for there babies. sorry again im not trying to be rude. thank bout it. r u even married, stable, have money for a baby?


to worried - October 23

How are you have you found out yet if you are preg for sure dont listen to all these girls they dont know what they are saying about the pill there are alot of people out there that get preg on it well if you would like to talk to someone you can email me alot of people on this board are rude. we are looking into adopting a baby because i can not have one myself so i do have some info and some places you can go to get info on adoption so if you need someone to talk to i will listen and help in anyway i can [email protected]


to everyone - October 24

she can not post on the forum for some reason if you want her to get ahold of you leave your email addy n she will get back to you


Worried - October 27

Hi all it's me. I can post again! As for "What?" I was not pregnant with the pill both times. My first was with the pill, and my baby was with condoms. If I am now, (BTW, I have to take a test because I am a day late) it will be while on the patch. I will give it until next Tuesday because my periods are irregular but I will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all the responses people! I will update you in about a week. :o)


Worried - November 2

THANK GOD! LOL. I STARTED MY PERIOD TODAY. I think I'm gonna try to get on a different b/c. I don't trust this one anymore...


jen - November 3

so glad to hear that things are okay. I know you were so worried. I would suggest two forms of bc in the meantime.



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