Not Sure About Mother Tbeing There

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young_mum_2_b - June 19

Hey, i'm due in a week and 4 days, and i love my mum, i love my baby and i love my boyfriend. i always expected i'd have my mum in the room when i have my baby because i think i'd need her there but lately i'm not to sure. she is always telling me that i have no idea what im going to go through and the pain i'll be in and told me she'd make fun of me when i was in pain!! i dont want her to be making fun of me while im going through an experience like that! but i dont want to npot have her there either, how do i tell her what she's saying is hurting me so she'll understand and stop?? i want her there for support and to help me through it, not to make fun of me...what do i do?


Ca__sie06 - June 19

I dont know! I would tell her exactly what you just told us. I am not having anyone in the room with me during labor and delivery except my husband. I love my mom very much but we get on each others last nerves sometimes, and she loves to push my b___tons so I am sure she would irritate the c___p out of me during labor. And I am going to have a natural child birth with no pain medicine and his mom insists that I cant do it and I am going to cry and want medicine, so I know she wont be a help either! So I would say explain this to your mom, and if you dont feel that she will be any hlep, just dont have her in there. This is not a time you need to be stressed out!


Jamie-Lee - June 20

I would just tell her that it's good to have a since of humor but nothing that's going to be hurtful towards you.You're going to need her during labor.She should be honored that she's going to be there.My Mom didn't think I wanted her in there and when I told her that I did she almost started bawling.I hope my Mom will be there to support me to also make me laugh to get my mind of the pain and I have a feeling she's going to do just that.Tell your Mom how you feel about this.


MyFirst - June 21

Tell your mother what you said here. I am sure that she wants to be there she just may not be sure of how to respond to the whole situation. Guide her a little. And can always ask her to leave :)


BIG RED - June 21

I would just tell your mom how you feel. My mom was there for the birth of both my kids and she even cut the cord on both of my girls. It was great to have my mom there with me to share such a life changing experience both times. Good luck!!!!


ConnorsMommy - June 23

i didnt let my mom in my roo when i was in labor. she was way too emotional!! i just had my husband in there and my sister-in-law (to film the birth). she was upset, but once she held her first grandchild (she was first to hold him after i did) she got over it :)


frankschick2001 - June 26

Tell her forget it, not to be in the room with you. Thats all.



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