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Heather - December 1

ok i knoew people say you have bad luck on friday the 13th and i had s_x that night with out a condom and was on top.... but i still have my period and my tummy hurts once in a while and i feel like im gonna black out and i eat alot but i only gained 4-5 pounds in the last week but if im pregnant i would be almost 5 months and i need some help because im scared to get a pregnantcy test because my dad might find our and kick me out of the house and i have no where to go and im not 18 so plz help.... Do you think im pregnant? did anything like this happen to you?


Grandpa Viv - December 1

You've been worrying about this since midsummer? If you are 5 months pregnant your uterus wuold be up to your belly b___ton, you would be wearing different clothes, and your mom would be asking if you were pregnant. You need a doctor visit to find out why you are feeling dizzy - maybe it is just an iron deficiency.


D - December 1

If you have been having your period every month, it is not likely that you are pregnant. All these symptoms could just be brought about by the stress of worring weather or not you are pregnant but you may want to visit your Dr. just to be sure it's nothing more serious. Hope you are feeling better soon.


anonomus - December 22

you might be, just take the test and if it is positive then go to a teen center and they can help you find a place to live if you get kicked out.


jenn - December 22

well if you think that your 5 months then you would really be showing by now... your best bet is to get a test done but you can go to a planned parenthood and have everything remain confidential so that your parents wont find out... good luck


anonamas - October 6

My stomach some times hurts and i am throwing up. sometimes i get really hott to. am I pregnant?


Anna - October 9

Can having s_x for the change you menstral cycle?


Anna - October 9

can having s_x for the frist time change ur menstral cycle?


Kelsey - October 9

I didn't start showing until I was almost 6 months pregnant. I also didn't tell anyone until that time. I would take the test asap give your parents a couple months to settle into the idea if you are pregnant.


mikah - October 9

yeh grandpa viv, i must say im 21 weeks and have no bump whatso ever. but i do think that the periods are a huge indication of no pregnancy



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