Not Sure If Im Pregnant Or Not

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yy - June 15

h__lo everyone. im really worried about whether i am pregnant or not. if i am i think i'll b in real trouble. i've been having light headedness for around 5 days ever since i've been on holiday in thailand with my boyfriend. we mucked about in the shower and he ejaculated onto my stomach and then i washed it downwards. i want to know if this could give a possibility of me getting pregnant, but without having actual s_xual intercourse (penetration). however, i think my hymen is broken and the last time i had my period was on the 26th of may. the incident happened on the 3rd of june. despite this, i got sunburnt, dehydrated and not much sleep (around 4 hours everyday) for about a week. being worried, my boyfriend and i just purchased a pregnancy test and did it this morning with results being negative. i am not sure though, if it is accurate enough at this very early stage as from what i have read, pregnancy tests are most accurate once symptoms such as a missed period happens. should i wait until i have my period and not worry or should i go to a doctor and get a blood sample taken? apart from this i haven't had any nausea symptoms or vomitting or other pregnancy symptoms, just lightheadedness. moreover, i would like to ask if it is possible to experience pregnancy symptoms at SUCH an early stage (if i am). i'm really scared because im not 18 yet and if i do get pregnant..what can i do?


Grandpa Viv - June 15

This would be a first! Period 5/26 and on CD8 you are in the shower and may have transferred s____n from stomach to v____a. I a__sume that as you washed it downward your fingers went into the v____a as routine. Ovulation for a 28 day cycle would have been 6/9, and early signs of pregnancy might appear as early as 6/14. While you might possibly get a positive hpt as early as the middle of next week, my sugestion would be to wait for the weekend 6/24 and repeat 7/1 as necessary. I think it very unlikely you are pregnant. CD8 is scarcely in the fertile window, and exposure was minimal. You are in a stressful situation (sunburn riles up the immune system) and you are exposed to unusual bugs. Enjoy your vacation and stay healthy! It will not be long before you and the bf are having regular s_x. Please talk about the proper preparation and protection and avoid being carreid away by the heat of the moment. Good luck!


s_xyjess - June 15

Hey. Im 7weeks pregnant and im 19 from wat you have said i found it very unlikely. If your stil not sure give it another week or two or wait until your due for your period if you dont get your period wait 2 weeks and then i would suggust doin another test. Good luck, hope it all works out



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