Not Sure If Pregnant But Waiting 2 Know

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Paola - July 25

HEY guy's 1 st of all my name os paola and i'm 17yrs old ok hire's my story hope it doesn't borre any of y'all ok i have my period this month the 5th of july and it ended the 9th or the 10th of this month ok know i don't normaly get them in those day's i really get them like @ the 11 or 12 it's one of those day's ok i had s_x with my boyfriend the 9th that day and the 11th but my friends tell me that the 11 th i can't be preggy and then i had s_x again the 17 th some of my friends say that maybe i could be preggy ? and some say that i'm not :( it actully bothers me cuz me and my boyfriend want 2 have a baby cuz 1st of all i'm almost graduating fron H.S and second of all i love my boyfriend we've been together since i was 15 yrs old and know i'm 17 yrs old and he's 19 yesterday i had these spots like pinkish color and orangeish color i could only see it when i was wipping my self i guess that's called implantation ? and i have these very light symptoms i'm really not a skinny girl but i weight 134 pounds and i'm 5'5 and i have this tummy that it makes me think that maybe i'm pregnant i have been craving alot of food's my back hurts once in a while and i feel my stomach really weird i haven't had anytime 2 go to the pharmacy 2 go and buy a pg test well i hope this is my dream and not my little head that sometimes it tells me that i'm not maybe preggy that makes me feel bad :( and if i'm not preggy i guess will give it a second round well god only knows if i'm well i hope y'all can help me out with the first paragraph or e-mail me at [email protected] thanx's guy's ...


Audrey - July 26

Paola- From what you have said, the s_x on the 17th was smack in the middle of your fertile time and probably got you pregnant. The spotting you had was implantation bleeding. Use a home pregnancy test to confirm your condition, then see a doctor to determine what you want to do next. Keeping the child will change your future plans completely, and I hope that you and your boyfriend are prepared for that. Best wishes!


paola - July 26

hey audrey thanx's 4-ur reply i have tis question 4 -u ok that day when i got little bitty tiny spots of color pinkish and orangeish i don't have it anymore is this normal or what?? i don't have it anymore i wonder y??? :(


Paola - July 26



ElizabethK - July 27

I think it's too early to tell wait until you miss your next period. I'm pregnant right now and I had cramps the day of my period but they soon went away. When I was about 4 weeks I had that pinkish stuff ... but that was right after s_x and the doctor told me it was bc your cervix gets softer when your pregnant. Well I hope the best for you ... and I hope you and your bf stay together bc me and mine didn't.


Paola - July 27

elizabetk i'm really sorry 4 hiring that u and your b/f thing well i love my b/f and we are gonna have this kid in the world we tried and tried but nuthing happend this time i hope it is true' well thanx's for u'r response ... bye take care lots paola.......i have a question well it' been exactly 1 week and 10 days soo can i do the preggy test or not? but what was those things about ?? that discharge , pinkish and orangeish ?? some advice plz!!


ElizabethK - July 27

You can't take an at home pregnancy test until you have missed your period completely. If you are pregnant the pinkish orangish stuff could be from your cervix getting softer ... if your not pregnant you could just be stressed out and have irregular periods. If you really have to know if your pregnant now you can go to the hospital and get a blood test.



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