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J - December 18

Ok, I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 28 (please hold all judgements) We had unprotected (yes, I know "stupid") s_x on day 11 of my cycle, and I have a very regular 28 day cycle. He did pull out, but there was a LOT of foreplay before we actually had intercorse. I've heard "pre c_m" pregnancies are more common with younger males, but what about older ones? I wasn't even worried about this until I started noticing changes, such as weird eating habbit like chocolate ice cream ( I NEVER eat ice cream) and pickles in the same sitting ... and I've been having to Urinate a LOT it seems like. I'm about 2 weeks before my period so I really don't know what to do and I don't have a "mom" to talk to these things about. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)


boo - December 18

iv been going through tthe same thing sweetie. but if your conserined, go get a pregnency home test. there the easyest and fastes way, and 99% accuret. but they say to get a pack of 2 cause if you do get a "-" then you should wait about a week or so and check again just to be sure. wait about 10-15 days after s_x to try this. also if your periods on the way... then if it was me, i think i would just wait to see. was what i did, and i got lucky, but im still worried. check over in the blue topics box right here beside these forums, in the "Pregnancy Topics", it had a topic called "Am I Pregnant?" go there and inside that box there will be a blue t_tle that says sines of Pregnacy. go in there and check that out. it will give you a list of things to watch out for in the next little while!:D good luck sweetheart x0x0x.


J - December 18

Well, I figured it out ... If I don't get my period by 27-28 of this month, then I'm gunna really start to worry. I read through the "Am I Pregnant" thing, some of the stuff I'm experiencing, but a lot of it I am not ... it's just that I feel "weird" and don't know why, I tried to figure it out, and pregnancy is the only thing I can think of. Plus even some of my closest friends have been noticing minor changes and been asking me "so, J, are you pregnant" and at first I just automatically said "no" without even considering the possibility ... but now I'm actually beginning to wonder. And how should I tell my boyfriend? I haven't even mentioned it to him, I don't want him to freak out and then find out I'm not ... but I also don't want him to feel like I with held info from him if I am ... and thanks a bunch :) it feels much better to get all this out


Monica - December 18

wait and find out if you really are first and make sure u take the pregnancy test the first thing in the morning if your period doesn't come, and it is possible to be on your period and pregnant(cuz i was, and i'm 6 weeks now, and 16) anyway, don't tell ur bf yet, wait until u know for a sure fact. good luck, e-mail me if u have anymore questions, i kno alot now that i'm preg. and stuff cuz i'm reading all the time. [email protected]


J - December 18

I figure if I don't get my period, then I'll tell him. And he IS going to be there when I get tested no matter what he thinks. He's man enough to own up to his actions and I'm going to make sure he does (which I don't think is going to be a problem) I believe he needs to do some worrying too, that way we're not back in the same situation again a month or 2 from now


E - December 18

J - there is no way you would have symptoms so soon. Implantation occurs ~ 7 days post conception. It would not have even occured yet. Try not to think about this too much b/c you can pyschologically cause the symptoms if you concentrate on it. Test as soon as your period is due or late and if it shows negative but your period does not arrive, continue to test every two days. hCG, the pregnancy hormone, should double every 48 hours and will eventually show up on a preg test, if you are pregnant. False negatives are common with home tests if testing early. Good luck!!



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