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skinnyminny - May 7

Not to be rude, but all of teh posts from ppl just wanting to list their symptoms are annoying me. I come here looking for actually questions and answers from teens who are pregnant or mothers. The signs of pregnancy forum is where those questions about whether you sound pregnant or not belong.


Jamie-Lee - May 7

I agree,there are different parts of the forum for that..this is for pregnant teens who want to talk or have questions for other teen Moms.I don't know why people come on here asking if we think they're pregnant..there are tests and doctors for that....


momma87 - May 7

I agree, I posted something like that awhile ago, but the "could I be pregnant" posts keep coming.


corinne - May 7

yeah no kidding. But usually the younger ladies come on here so they don't get thrashed by the older woman on signs of pregnancy.


corinne - May 7

But yes I do agree.


Mimiask - May 7

i came here for help n im sorry that its annyoying u i thought this was for all teens to get help no matter what the question might be n it hurts me that i cant even get help from teens my age for question n also support n sumtimes its hard to go out n get a test or go out n see a doctor right away so i came here for help n its seems like alot of people on here r rude n dont have time like urself on dis n u cant take out the time to say o yea dis is a symtom i had is it that hard but u took out the time to right about how annoying this is ur very rude


Mimiask - May 7

its already a hard enough time dealing with the possiblity of getting pregnant or worrying abou what parents r goin to say then to come one here n have to hear abou how annyoyed u r get over yourself really


Evonna - May 7

I agree, people should be able to use common sense & post in the right sections of the forum.


skinnyminny - May 7

mimi, please, I made it clear that i meant no offense by this. Merely direction. If you are soooooo worried about being bashed by older women, No One said you HAVE to give your age when you post a question. I THOUGHT this was for teens who were already pregnant and knew it. MY BAD if ithat makes me "very rude." Symptoms of Pregnancy is open to anybody (regardless of age) who just wants to ask "how did you know u were preg?" OR " I'm feeling this and this and this? Do i sound pregnant?" Most of us flip from topic to topic (some that have nothing to do with us, out of pure nosiness) so SomeONE will always be around to answer you're question. BUT you should head the t_tles. It m,akes this forum more convenient for ALL OF US.


Tjane - May 8

I dont think you were rude skinny. I am sick of seeing the "My boyfriend touched me, could i be pregnant?" posts too......


EricaLynn - May 8

I totaly agree with you ladies. I realize we all need help and to ask questions, but you could just look at some one elses post, and there is an ON LINE pregnancy test right here on this site. I know I was nervous when I first got pregnant, but the grocary stores sell home pregnancy test, buy one and take it its not that hard. I dont want to be rude either but you can look up the symptoms. Personally Id like to see more of how people delt with morning sickness and things that help pregnancy run smoother. Not I had s_x am I pregnant, you know from over the internet, no one will know.


Rachel0510 - May 8

THANK YOU SKINNYMINNY! All these girls on here are whining about how they get bashed because of there age. Here's a thought: DON'T GIVE YOUR AGE! You are pregnant so you are about to be a mom. Stop whining about people being "rude" to you. It's called life. Deal with it.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 9

Good Point! I do not understand something, they gripe because they get lectured about being young and pregnant, but they post their age very first thing in the message. If you are not old enough to figure out that if you think you are pregnant to take a test then why are you having s_x? IF YOU THINK YOU ARE PREGNANT, TAKE A TEST.


midnight_drift - May 10

I'm sorry if I sound rude, but you know what... you're right. And they don't even need to post on the "signs of pregnancy" site, all you have to do is go to google and type it in. People are so uninformed, that they don't know that NO when your boyfriend JUST fingers you, you can't be pregnant. When I posted on here, I only asked for information of where to get another test so I could check, but I KNEW I WAS PREGNANT (the test I took was positive.) And then I asked for help about insurance and such, but hell, I said "i'm pregnant, what should I do concerning _____" People posting, "OMGOMG HELP ME." Is annoying after the... 100th one? Especially when they say "my boyfriend dry humped me, we didn't even touch naked, AM I PREGNANT." I'm not trying to be mean at all, I am just agreeing that it's annoying.



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