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Alright, this is something that i am really embarrassed about. Can someone help me out. Alright, how come my va___a makes noise? Almost like a "farting" sound. Sorry, i know its a bit gruesome. It happens during s_xual activity, when i encounter "doggy style". But even when i am just in the position of "doggy style" and say, cracking my back, my va___a almost makes this "farting " sound. Why? It is SO embarrassing! It makes me feel that something is wrong with me! HELP ME!


CAROL - December 1

When your fella pulls out, a bit of air becomes trapped in the v____a. When he pushes back in, it "farts" out. Nothing wrong with it, a tad embara__sing. If you don't like it, tell him not to pull that far. It also helps to clench your v____a tightly around his p___s. Good luck and peace be with you.


Natalie - December 1

its a squelchy area. you have alot of friction there and alot of prec_m. so it is bound to make some wierd noises. its perfectly normal. in some positions you get a small build up of air and if that escapes whilst your still having s_x you can have those noises made too. i wouldnt worry about it


aurhtor to post - December 1

Alright. Good. I know that my v____a is tight.( which that is something that i am a bit questionable about too. Can a v____a be "loose"?). Never the less, i herd some terrible things about why your area makes a whistling farting sound. Which i herd means that you are "loose". I do not understand.


CAROL - December 1

It has nothing to do with "tightness" or "looseness". It is air trapped in the v____al ca___l that is forced out by the p___s being thrust in. Nothing to do with tightness, ladies.


author to post - December 1

Alright. Well another quick question. Now this "sound" happens even when i am not encountering s_x. I have some really bad back pain and IL be in the position of doggy style to crack my back and it seems that air becomes trapped and is let loose and makes this sound. Has nothing to do with tightness? And again, can a v____a become loose? To me, is very questionable because how can v____a, extend to fit a baby through but still, become loose? And if that is the case, is there anything to do with tightening your v____a?


CAROL - December 1

You can tighten your v____a by doing Kegel exercises, which is basically tightening and relaxing your v____al muscles (basically, the ones that can stop you from peeing.. you know what I mean). Anyway, about cracking your back: if you do it in "doggie style" position, this causes the v____a to expand (not become loose, just not compressed), and if the lips part at the opening, air can get inside. When you get out of position, the pressure and force of the v____a compressing causes the air to escape, thus "fart". It's very normal. Anyone who's honest will tell them it has happened to them. It's happened to me. Peace.


=( author to post =/ - December 1

Alright. Well i am glad to know. I remember, at such a young age, i noticed this sounding. I was frightend. I did not know what it was caused from and then i herd stories of the v____a being loose. I know the exercise that you are talking about. Its almost you are going pee, and you hold it in, let a little go, and hold it in. You take about 10 Minn to finish using the facilities, but i herd that helps as well. My partner that i love, knows that i am very cautious when i hear this noise, so when we are encountering s_x by the position of doggy style, i actually ruin the moment and tell him to stop because of this horrific sound.! =(


CAROL - December 1

Ask him to not pull out as far. That way, there is a reduced chance of air becoming trapped in your v____a. And like I said earlier, try clenching your v____a around his p___s. Not only will this make it highly unlikely that you'll hear that sound, but it's good for toning the v____al muscles as well. Good luck and peace be with you.


Ashley - December 1

If you practice these kegel exercises it will help with the quiefs. It will help your pelvic floor become stronger. Also about the looseness and tightness of the v____a. Every woman is built differently and it doesn't get looser the more you have s_x or anything like that. Its actually made up of tissue that is very resilient and if you stretch it out it will still go back to way it's meant to be-the way you were born. Good luck;


Judith - December 1

You should not do kegels while you are peeing because that can cause a urinary tract infection. Instead, remember that feeling of stopping the urine, and practice tightening those muscles when you're not peeing. The quief is a normal thing, we wouldn't have a word for it otherwise, and it really has nothing to do with how tight or loose your v____a is. If you think about it, your v____a is tight enough to hold in a tampon, right? And a tampon is smaller than any p___s I've ever seen, so your v____a is tight enough.


quief story - December 2

I hope this makes you feel less embrarrased.A while back my husband and I were going at it doggy style and instead the quief comming out as a fart it sounded like a cats meow.It was so real that my cat who was walking be stopped and looked for the cat.Feel free to laugh.I still get a good laugh about it.


... - December 2



Janay - November 8

I remember when that first happened to me... that noise. I was embarra__sed and i was hoping he wasn't going to mention anything about it. But as it kept happening i out to and to togeather and i realized that it's normal... i just seen it as me being really moist...


lisa mc - November 9

i dont know if it is coincidence but this has only once happened to me and the boy it happened with was a tad on the small side!! it never happened before that and has never happened since!! so i believe it was because of him haha!!



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