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Dazzed and Confused - October 24

can a tampon (if you are wearing one) and your partner did not actually ejaculate in you and wasnt really in you but was around the area prevent you from geting pregnant? and can drinking in the first month or pregnencey cause the fetus to die??


noname - October 24

if you are goin to do taht in the future, just use protection, saves much frustration. and drinkin might cause the fetus to be unhealthy. imo


Melissa - October 24

Well.....if you werent penetrated and he didn't ejaculate inside of you...plus you had a tampon in......I dont think the chances of you being pregnant are high......but I wouldnt use a tampon as birth control. its made of cotton and is permeable so s____n could probably get through.....and how can you have s_x like that anyways? It would be difficult.......alcohol consumption any time during pregnancy has its risks for an unborn baby.It can cause complicatrons and defects....and if you drink alot...may cause you to miscarry...so I wouldnt even try it. Good Luck


Bonnie - October 24

1. No it cannot prevent you. If he did not ejaculate in you, you were on your period, and you were wearing the tampon....your chances are reduced. But you could still get pregnant. If sperm get near the opening they can swim up and fertilise the egg. If you were on your period then you were not ovulating and chances of pregnancy are low, but not impossible by any means...........Drinking can definately cause harm or possible death to a fetus. A lot of people drink without realising they were pregnant at first and the odds of a problem are low, but again...not impossible.


CAROL - October 24

If your partner ejaculated around you while you were wearing a tampon, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. It'd take a lot of swimming to get past a tampon. As for the drinking to cause an embryo to abort, it may work, it may not. One in four pregnancies spontaneously abort anyway, usually before the mother even knows she is pregnant. But don't drink. If you are pregnant, it could cause abnormalities you would rather you child not have.


- October 24

they always say the first part of your pregnancy when your baby is developing you shouldnt drink. well you shouldnt drink at all.


Jbear - October 25

It's not likely that you'd get pregnant from what you described. Also, drinking during pregnancy usually won't kill the fetus, but can cause serious problems. Drinking in the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, before you know you are pregnant, doesn't hurt the baby because implantation hasn't occurred yet.


squirt - October 25

how do i find my question that i rote in?



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