Oh My Goodness Update

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waitngformyangel - December 20

so last night a took a test (my fiance bought one finally)lol and instantly it showed positive so yay im going to have another baby. way sooner then i planned but god blessed me with the baby. :) so im extremely happy my fiance is to but then today he brought up adoption which you know im pro choice for it but at the same time i dont want to give my baby up. thats my baby. has anyone else been in this situation? i just dont want my baby growing up thinking i didnt love him and just gave him up for adoption. thw way i look at it god wouldnt bless me with a baby if he didnt think i could handle it. anyway comments and support will be greatly appreciated. and ill keep everyone updated. :) thank you and god bless.


amanda17 - December 20

Not all adopted children grow up thinking their parents hated them. One of my very good friends is adopted and she says all the time that she feels like her birth mother loved her so much, that she knew she would be happier with another family. And she is. However, if you aren't sure about adoption it's not something you can go back on. Give it some thought, think about what's best for your baby, and make sure you make the decision that's right for you. Good luck!


guccigal87 - December 21

thats a hard choice, i had to make the same choice a little while ago cuz oops we got drunk and didnt use anything HAHA i know im way to old to have those kind of mistakes but i was in the middle of changing my bc so we thought ok condoms no problem! anyways you need to do what you think will be right for you, we couldnt have the baby because i had JUST finally graduated and couldnt go through the expenses all over again so soon but i know lots of girls who have them close and they are perfectly fine. really when it comes down to it you need to do what you think willbe right for not only you but your children becuase they will all be effected



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