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Mandaburr - February 26

Hi, Im 17 about to turn 18 in a couple days. I am 11 weeks pregnant. Give or take a couple days. The father of the child does not know I'm pregnant, I need to know if its the right thing to tell him or just keep it from him. I do have my reasons for not telling him. He is unstable, a pathalogical liar, and well, very creepy. He idolizes a vampire, and has asked me more than once to cut myself so he can drink my blood. He has also made threats to kill me. I personally think I shouldn't tell him. But I just need to know. Should I tell him, or should I not? No I am not making this all up. Those are the reasons me and him are no longer together. Along with some other reasons I do not wish to enclose. Please help me.


amanda17 - February 26

I'm sorry I kind of chuckled at that... Why did you sleep with him in the first place if he's so..... weird? Beside the point, well it's up to you if you don't want to tell him. If you think he is a harm to you or your child then I'd say don't tell him. But, if he's just weird but is actually a nice-weird guy who is caught up in the weird "omg vampires are sew kewl. I'm a vampire...AHH THE LIGHT" phase than that's not really a good reason not to tell him. Goths can make good parents too. If you're wondering if it's going to be a problem if you don't tell him.. No, not really. As long as he doesn't see you pregnant and start asking questions... no one else really minds. When you sign your baby's birth certificate just tell your hospital that the father isn't a part of the baby's life and they won't ask questions.


Mandaburr - February 26

Its ok I dont mind if you laugh. And hes not in a phase like that. He honestly thinks hes a vampire. Hes changed his name and everything. And hes not the good kind of weird. Hes the creepy staulkerish type. After we broke up he stalked me for a couple weeks watching my house every night. He has keyed my car. I think hes a very unstable person.


candj - February 26

This guy sounds nuts, I must say but sorry. If I were you I wouldn't tell him until he matures and grows up alittle because this little phase is ridiculous. You dont need a man to have this baby, be strong and do whats right for you and your baby. The choice is yours whether you tell him or not. Good Luck :]]


amanda17 - February 26

Yeah then I wouldn't tell him. You don't need some wacko messing up yours and your kids life. Get a restraining order or something!


Mandaburr - February 26

:) Thank you I'm glad you agree with me.


V9653 - February 26

Yeah you probably shouldn't tell him because psycho guys who are obsessed with you, sometimes tend to think that you carrying their baby means that they own you and have all rights to you because it is their spawn in you! If he thinks he's frigging supernatural-god knows how that might materialize in your situation! Make sure to talk to some adults about moves you can make to protect you and your baby.


amanda17 - February 26

Yup. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way!


pinkk - February 26

ahh.. one of my ex's was like that.. cept for the stalkerish part.. He was a compulsive liar though and really believed he was a vampire, he'd try biting my neck and everything.. very very creepy. If this guy is so unstable and you fear him then i don't think it'll be good idea to tell him at all.. if he's not in your life because of those reasons then your baby doesn't need him either.. especially with those threats he's made to you, a bit scary.. If i were you i'd stay away from the dude.


Teddyfinch - February 27

i also think you shouldn't tell him. especially if you guys aren't together. he's just a bit odd from what you say. next time he comes around tell him there's a nice big splintery stake with his name on it if he doesn't leave you alone. play his game lol. i'm kidding. keep you and your baby safe and keep dracu-wannabe away from you.


Mandaburr - February 27

Aw thank you :)) Im very happy to be pregnant


tertarp - February 28

first off congrats on your pregnancy...i had mine when i was your age too...but anyways it is seriously your choice...i personally wouldnt tell him in fear of him harming me or my child...and i agree with amanda about the restraining order...you really should do something about this situation...i would hate to see you or your child get hurt because of someone who is obviously completely out of their mind!!!



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