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lilmomma88 - July 5

Ok I am really sick of the rude people on this forum! Girls (and a few guys) come here to get advice from people in similar situations as them and for someone to talk to...there is no reason to jump down their throat because they don't know something, or for their beliefs or opinions. If you don't wanna be nice and just give advice and opinions then theres no reason for you to be here! (I won't mention any names.....)


MaMa 2 B - July 6

I agree....


Emma2 - July 7

Beliefs and opinions are considered one and the same. You will get all sorts of responses thats the wonderful world of FREEDOM of speech. The mature way to handle it is, ignore what you dont agree with and if your mature enough to debate about it then all the power you. Besides what you posted has been said 100000 times over and its really no neccessary because people will do what they want regardless how many time you post your fed up.:)


princessAG - July 7

Yea i have defintly got some sarcastic advice [ or what i feel is sarcastic] and im like d__n...i just came here cause i hav questions and none of mah friends can answer them but yea i def agree with yu. 100% they need to get their comments takin off.


MaMa 2 B - July 7

yea its freedom of speech but its rude...most of us just come on here for advice and support and when u get a rude comment it is just uncalled for....i mean if u have somthin mean ta say u should just keep it to urself cuz it only makes ppl feel worse about their situation...


Emma2 - July 7

Hun, I am sorry strangers make you feel this way...But the bottom line is everyone has an opinion and what you consider rude doesnt mean it actually is. You guys trust me this exact post was put up many many times in time Ive been on this forum and nothing is gonna change...


lilmomma88 - July 7

Hmm, it's funny the only person who disagrees is the one person i was truely talking about in the first place.....


Emma2 - July 7

Hmmmm i dont disagree with anything. I just think this post is useless. There is reasons why your so angry about what people say...well, guess what stop being so defensive and accept that peole will say what they want.


Emma2 - July 7

LOL, why do you think i responded to this post to begin with lilmomma? I knew exactly what your goal was and it doesnt change a thing missy. You have a problem with me from the advice you gave someone else the other day and i thought it was ridiculous advice. YOu cant handle it too bad..I had an opion and I stated it...whether you thought it was "snotty " or not it doesnt change my life .


lilmomma88 - July 7

i dont care if it changed your life or not, that wasnt my intention! and im not the only person who has a problem with you, your rude to everyone and we're sick of it!


Emma2 - July 10

You and what army is gonna stop me because I use my brain when I speak? Get a life lillmomma.


trinadan - July 10

its fine to give your opinion, that is what this website is for , but it should be done in a tactfull manner.. without intentions on hurting people feelings ...


Emma2 - July 10

My opinions were tactfull. There is nothing written on my end that were poor taste. I do not result to abusive word or unkind words and lillmomma has been known to use foul language that is uneccessary. She knows exactly which post brought this post on . I suggest you keep up with the other posts made before a__suming this .


newmommy20072007 - July 10

G!!! everyone came to this website because they're pregnant or have questions on pregnancy. there's no reason for anyone to be rude. it's ok to have opinions and beliefs but if you don't agree with something or don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.


trinadan - July 10

emma, i wasn't pointing fingers at anyone, it was just a general response to lilmomma's post


lilmomma88 - July 10

I wasn't just talking about that ONE post emma, I could deal with one rude post, but every d__n post I see you on is RUDE. And just because you don't use "foul" language doesn't mean you aren't being rude. You judge people too much and that isn't what people are here for. Don't you get this yet?


kristi17 - July 11

i agree with both kinda. i mean it is very "rude" or "inconsiderate" (whatever word you want to use) to get on here n criticize and make foul statements to others who are looking for help and advice. at the same time, it is freedom of speech n just cause everyone gets sick of it doesnt mean it will go away. i think that if theres advice to give whether another person thinks its good or bad, then you can share it. its up to the person you're giving it to to take it or not. but just because its advice doesnt mean you have to put it in a disrespectful manner, putting the person down. so yeah i guess im on lilmommas side but thats just me :)



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