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Bluespace86 - June 10

I recently confirmed that I was pregnant (2 days ago...I had an irregular period in April and completely skipped it in May). I'm a freshly turned 20 year old (b-day April 9th), and this is pretty scary. My fiance is 23 and doesn't have a job yet but I'm trusting him to do his part and find one quickly. I have a job but not a lot of hours, and I am also going to be a college junior. I know that I'm going to be due in either late December or early Janurary, but I'll know for sure on Monday cause I'm going to a doc. I don't know what to do about school though, because if I am due in early Janurary there is no point in going for the semester because I will miss out on finals. As for the second semester...I don't know what to do about that either! I have been thinking about just working and taking a break from school for a year. Is this a good idea? Then when it's time for me to go back to school I'll just focus on that and quit my job. I feel that it will be too much on me to balance school, a job, and my family...another question I wanted to ask is how long did most of you wait to tell your parents? I know my parents will help me, but I'm thinking about waiting until my fiance has his job and we move in with each other (hopefully in July).


Kay - June 10

Hi , am 19 and i gave little hints to my parents that i was pregnant , my mum then took me aside and asked me out straight. It was much easier then to just blurt it out!


Grandpa Viv - June 10

Congratulations on the expected arrival! Have you drawn up budgets for calendar 2006 and 2007? Where you don't know the number exactly, just guess. You will surely find that to make it work, contributions from the parents (both sides) will have to be included. Completing your education is of major importance. Even if you could negotiate special provision for taking finals for the fall semester, it would be hard to step right into the sprng semester without skipping a beat. My suggestion is to take a year out, of which part will be child care, and part getting some work experience. The year could start now or perhaps in Jan. As for telling the parents, my feeling is that it is only fair they know at the earliest opportunity, since this is going to be a family project. Good luck!


ataylor724 - June 12

I'm 20, almost 21 and my husband 22 and was in a very similar situation. I'm due the beginning of August. I should be a college senior, however, it is difficult to attend school, work and raise a child. What I have decided to do is take one semester off to work, then either go back or attend online cla__ses. One wonderful thing about going back to school is that child care is taken care of while it's not when I am working. Hopefully your fiance will get a job very soon because it does cost a lot of money, and there's always unexpected financial obligations as well. You should be fine and more than able to continue schooling and work, but it will be difficult in finding childcare. That's my biggest problem for now. As for telling our parents, we decided to around 10 weeks. I wanted to wait until after the first trimester, but I got extremely bad morning sickness and kept getting sent to the hospital and the bills kept arriving at their house and I didn't want them to think I had a serious illness or anything. Good luck to you and congratulations on your new family :) And don't worry too much, everything will be fine.


Atarahsmommy - June 16

I found out I was preg. a few days after my 20th bd and my husband was 23 at the time (now 24) With my parents I bought them a cute little metal sighn that says grandma's babysitting service, and then some other stuff on it, I thought it was really cute, of course I had been married for 9 months and they knew I was trying because I had been pregnant once before, but m/c. They didn't want me to have a baby right away, but they were/are very happy, they've realized that is what I want with my life and they are super supportive. You could still go to school for 1 semester and then take some time off to be with your baby, or if you want to strat your time off now you could, but if you do that I advise you to work as long as you can and put that money away in a savings account, since your fiance doesn't have a job I'm guessing you don't have savings and that is something you will really want when you have that baby.


Bluespace86 - June 17

Thanks for all the advice ^_^ I had my first doc's app today and got to hear my baby's heat beat, I was so happy! I had to use to father's insurance so he will know soon, but I plan on telling my parents before they get the bill. I'm thinking about just working and saving up. I go to an art school so I can still improve my skills while out of school. I've decided that I want financial stability and then I can get back to school in the summer of 2007. Well this all depends, I think my parents will be very helpful so I guess I'll have to wait it out. Again, thanks for the advice!


Grandpa Viv - June 17

I like the art school line. In graphic art, what you can do is more important than the diploma. Get your dad to start buying graphics software and become skilled in half a dozen of the packages, including web page design. All of this can be done at home. You will find that by the time you are ready to go back to school you will be able to earn an income from your front room. Good luck!


Baby_Lover - June 17

I think you should follow your plans about your job so you can have your baby, get your money, and then go to college. Well if I do find out I really am pregnant I am going to tell my parents like maybe 1 or 2 weeks after because I know they will help me threw it so I can get my vitamins and make my baby healtier.But in your case you can wait untill ya'll move out because thats what my cousin did but its really your choice but you can email me if you need any more questions answered and ill try to help you the best way i can


Bluespace86 - June 17

Yeah, the sooner the better I guess...When I went in for my appointment yesterday I asked my mom for my dad's SSN for the insurance and I lied and said my appointment was for sinuses XD I told her I would call her later and let her know what was going on later but I didn't. She called me this morning but I missed it and she called me back and I continued to lie and said that it was a mild sinus infection and that they gave me some antibiotics...I'm supposed to be getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 27th but now since I won't be able to, my parents will DEFINENTLY know by then XD. I'm thinking about telling them tonight...I can't wait to get over this. Oh yeah and I'm in the animation field and I already have supplies at home to do animation there ^_^ I can use the school's facilities whenever I want so I wouldn't be missing out much if I take the school year off (as long as I improve). I don't think my parents will like the idea, so it all depends on how much they are willing to help me. I'm thinking they will most likely pay my rent while I am in school so I'm not too worried about that and the money I make now can be spent on whatever the baby needs. I don't feel too worried right now. Now I just need to count on my fiance ^_^


EricaP - June 17

Well I am going to college at the moment Im also freshly 20 (april 6) i have a 8 1/2 month old at the moment. A lot of the girls gave you some great information! When you b.f gets the job start a lil fund take out as much as reasonably possible and throw it into an account. If you budget decently having a baby isnt impossible to pay for. Diapers are pretty much the most expensive thing youll have to worry about after he/she is here. Make sure you look into all sorts of programs for your stae.. a__suming you live in the US like Wic.. hope this shelps but just wanted you to know you can still accomplish everything you wanted too



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