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lisa - October 21

omg i just found out that i am pregnant i have taken both a htp and got blood done and both are positive im 23 days late and ive gotten every sign so far, the doctor says im 7 weeks along. im only 16, what do i do next.. when do i tell my boyfriend or my parents...plz can any1 out there help me... i love my boyfriend and i dont believe in abortion or adoption... and i no he doesnt either.. i need help and help fast!!!


Amy - October 21

Lisa You need to tell your boyfriend and parents right away. You will need a lot of medical care all through your pregnancy.


june-mommy-06 - October 21

lisa dont worry im 16 an 8 weeks preg it is easy telling your parents even though they mite go mental but its all worth it in the end an trust me its even better tellin ur bf cause wen i told mine he was over the moon about it so im sure yours will be aswell tht is if he is tht type of person i mean xxx wb let me no how u get on xxx


IKJJ - October 21

You should tell them right now. What difference does it make they are going to find out sometime anyway.


tell them - October 22

and then you and your boyfriend will live in a white picket fence house with your baby!! and all will be grand!!!!


Natalie - October 22

its not easy but sooner or later they will know. your best bet is to tell them now and not wait for them to find out. be prepared for bad reactions, because it doesnt always happen as nicely as we would wish, but it needs to happen. and once its done its over! youve told them, and then you can concentrate on your pregnancy and your family:)


Casey d - October 23

hey lisa congrads on the pg. i wish i were u right now, im also 16yo and me and my bf r trying for a baby, its quit hard lol. definatly tell them asap it will make u feel better trust me, get it of ur chest it may not be taken well but u have to tell them sooner or later and just remember ur 16 its ur choice if u keep the baby or not, its ur body no one elses. good luck if u want to talk more please email me [email protected]


Melissa - October 24

Well, if you don't believe in abortion or adoption, then I guess you have your answer.


CAROL - October 24

Just tell them. Unless you're going to pull a "boo" and hide it. I told my parents and they, of course, weren't jumping for joy, but why should I care? They'll likely come around after a while. It's a big shock to them. They're feeling like you are. Just tell them. It'll be hard, but your anxiety will disappear and you need their support.


Missa - October 26

My advice is to tell your boyfriend first. He can offer th best support. Once you have him and you know he is supportive of you it can make telling others so much easier. At least that was how it was for me. My boyfriend is awesome and when I told him he was so excited, having his support I went and told my parents. They were so p__sed and I cried over it, but my boyfriend helped me through it and it made it so much easier.


lisa - October 27

well sorry i havnt posted in a while... i told my boyfriend he was 70/30 on it... he was fairly exiceted and acually kinda.... happy... but on the other half really scared... and for those who are wondering his name is noah... up the same one that has been posting on here.. lol kinda funny i thought we just put 2 and 2 together the other day and relized that we were both posting on here... but he said he would love to raise the child with me... the next step now is telling our parents



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