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Tanyia216 - October 23

2day i had my sonogram. ima have ma lil Kailynn!!! (its a girl!). so far shes 1lb 9oz and 19 cm. i saw the sonogram of her face and she was chewing! it was so cute! also she wa laying on her hand as if she was saying "oh my goodness" just like i do when i get irritated! shes just like mommy! as soon as steven (her father) started talking, she started kicking the lil camera all crazy. the dr. couldnt get a good pic of her spine cuz she was doing backflips! lolz. but the doctor said everything is where it should be and so far so good! i have 1 question tho: is that a good weight and length for her? (im 25 weeks and 2 days).


angelmonkey - October 23

i look on websited to say how roughly my baby should be im 24weeks in 2days. and i think at 23weeks they are roughly aound just over a pound and about 29cm long..........did they messure her from crown to rump as it says 29cm from crown toher feet? im sure its all fine as your doc would of told you


amanda17 - October 23

Aw that's great! Congratulations!!


AddysMummy - October 23



newbaby2009 - October 23

Congrats, thats so cute!


Teddyfinch - October 25

uhhh i don't think the baby would be 19 inches crown to rump, angel. that's a bit long. like 'pity the mom' long.


amanda17 - October 25

Ellie was 18.5 inches when she was born.


Teddyfinch - October 25

yeah but not crown to rump lol. that was head to toe. can you imagine a 19 inch baby with another 4 or 5 inches of legs added on? well i think i was like 22 inches at birth, but still! and i have my next appointment on tuesday, so hopefully i'll find out a little more on the size of my little porker lol.


amanda17 - October 25

I know lol that was my point. That would be a really long baby if it's taller crown to rump than Ellie was from head to toe when she was born.


angelmonkey - October 25

teddy she says 19cm i know my baby is about 30cm right now and im 24weeks so thats why i thought shemay have ment 19cm crown to rump that makes said inches lol


ashley_1991 - October 25

Dominik was 20 inches long head to toe when he was born lol


amanda17 - October 25

I had a tiny baby haha. How much did Dominik weigh?


durante baby - October 25

my first was 7lbs 5 oz 19" 2cm when he was born and my 2ns was 7lbs 5 oz 19" 0cm when he was born....and my lo is still a little shorty : )


amanda17 - October 25

Ellie was 6lbs 2oz. I think she just gets it from her dad though, He was a really small baby, and kid. He didn't pick up the pace until he was in 8th grade haha.


AddysMummy - October 25

Addy was 6 lbs 1 oz 18 and a half inches. Day back from the hospital she was 5lbs 11 oz


amanda17 - October 25

Exactly one ounce away from Ellie :) She was 5lbs 12 oz when she left the hospital.


ashley_1991 - October 26

Dominik was 8 LBS 12 OZ



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