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Brittney - July 23

I posted a question somewhere else but no one has since replied. I'm really scared cuz im only 15 and i think im pregnant. I only had s_x once and we used a condom but my period is 3 weeks late and im nausious. I was planning to go to college and have a good life, my mom and dad love me and i'm their only child, if i am pregnant they will have no choice but to throw me out and they will look down on me for the rest of my life. I know teens get pregnant every day but im a quiet girl who had dreams, ive never done anything this stupid, if someone can help me quickly i would appreciate it, thanks.


SaRaH - July 14

Well that is sad!! I think that ur parents will be mad for a little while then they will get over it!! I think also that it is not only ur fault but the guys as well!!U will be ok!! Just know that if u are not pregnant then u should stop having s_x if u want to follow ur dreams!!!!!!! GOD BLESS U!!!!!!!!


Brittney - July 14

I just got my period, so theirs no chance i could be pregnant now is their? I guess i was just really late and i guess the condom worked but im not sure.


SaRaH - July 14

I hope that u understand that there are alot of concequences of being a mother! It takes more than $ and a whole lot of patience and love!!!!!!! I hope that u think about this everytime u want to think about having s_x!!!!!1 I am not being mean I just want u to know that u have a whole life ahead of u!!! PLEASE MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!! GOD BLESS U!! :)


Brittney - July 14

Yea i know like i said i was a virgin before and i only did it that one time, thanks for the help


SaRaH - July 15

It is probally because u are nervous and worried about all of this! If u feel the need to get a test then try it out!! I hope everything goes ur way! GOD BLESS U!


Kim - July 15

Hi Brit.I hope i can help in some way email me at [email protected] I can try cuz i just had twin girls so email me and we can talk.


KIMER - July 23




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