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oxocrazybabiioxo - July 11

well lets jsut start by saying i was late like 8 days with my period ok but on friday i had s_x with my boyfriend and he thinks im pregnant and he knows he cam in me at least 6 times... but satura i got my period.... and i asked my aunt and she says theres still a possibilty u can be pregnant because it takes at least 5 days for the sprem to reach an egg... is this true..


Emma2 - July 11

If you got your period your NOT PREGNANT! If you had s_x on friday and got your period on staurday it means you had s_x during your NON FERTILE TIME. You cannot get pregnant at anytime of the month. There is a fertile window of about 4-5 days and that usually 2 weeks before your period comes along. Your not pregnant.


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 11

ok thxz for help


Emma2 - July 11

By the way, your aunt is wrong on every level as well. It does not take sperm 5 days to reach an egg but rather approx 12 hours. What she means is SPERM can survive upto 5 days in your uterus during your fertile time but the average they survive is 2 days inside you. SPerm travels quickly but the problem here my dear is not the sperm travelling its that there is NO EGG to fertilize.!


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 12

so i have no reason for me to worry u gurls are saying...


lilmomma88 - July 12

what happened to the rest of the posts?


Emma2 - July 12

Mods deleted everything. Someone must have poor tasted them all. Too bad it was a good thread for others to learn from...lots of info on sperm and how to become pregnant!


tulipbaroo - July 14

You can get your period and still be pregnant, my mother had her period for a while when she was pregnant with me. &I appear to be just fine!


Emma2 - July 14

you do not get what you call "a period". Your period ceases completely whne you become pregnant , why? because YOU DO NOT ovulate in order to get a "period". What you can have is some bleeding or spotting whihc does not resembles the consistancy/flow of a period whatsoever. Youre fine because your mom DIDNT get her period because if it was, her lining would have shed YOU as well.


PrettyShadows - July 14

My friend Jade was on the pill, she had every single one of her periods during her pregnancy. She only found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before she had him and that was because she went to the doctor complaining of swollen ancles. she had put weight on everywhere not just her belly so she thought she was just fat. So there is always a posibility. If i were you i'd take a test just to be sure. I mean it's not much money and it's worth it if it puts your mind at rest!


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 19

well guys im going to take the test .. the reason i waited this ong is becuz i wanted to make sure .... but todays the day... this mornin i woke up throwing up n i had pains in my belly since yerstdai afternoon. i get the pains sometim wheere i cant even walk... so lets see wat happens


PrettyShadows - July 20

What was the result?



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