Omg I M Cryin My Eyes Out

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All alone - October 29

Me and my boyfriend JUST broke up! I'm a little under a month along and i haven't told anybody but him yet... we were supposed to tell our parents together... that way it'd be easier... but we just got into this huge fight and we're not together anymore!! what the h__l do i do now? how am i gonna get through this with no guy to support me? if there's anybody out there that's raising a little one or has one on the way with no man around please tell me how you manage... i really need ANY advice you can give... thanks


- October 29

just take a deep breath, i was just a fight maybe u will get back together, if it just happened. let him clam down, call him tomorrow, and ask it u can talk to him. good luck


M - October 29

i think he is just scared that ur pregnant, when i told my boyfriend that i was pregnant we got into alot of fights and broke up and got back together. i really just think hes freaked about the whole thing. give him a couple days and just wait for him to call you you dont want to put more pressure on him


Grandpa Viv - October 29

The ladies are right. Between hormones affecting your emotions, and the responsibility affecting his, fights often result. Calm yourself down, and give him time to come back. Both of you do some apologizing, recognize that stress is inevitable, and agree to work on the relationship for the sake of the baby that is half his. Good luck!


Kate - October 30 can help you, she's really teen-friendly, and gives really really good adivce.


GUcheerleader - October 31

hey sweety its ok, its not the end of the world you'll get hrough this just fine you don't need a guy to get you through this! your friends and family are 100 times better than some jerk who'd ditch you over a fight if he really cared he'd try to help you and forget what the argument was about he'll come around and even if he doesn't your family and friends will be with you through the end. and I don't know how you feel on the subject whether your pro abortion or not don't let anybody talk you into getting an abortion and killing your baby. Everthing will be alright keep me posted.


me - November 1

''lady cooper'' is a liar


Tiffany Howard - November 1

I am 19 years old and I am 13 weeks preganant. I did not know that I was pregnant until I was 11 weeks. Me and my boyfriend broke up a little over a month ago. When I told him I was pregnant he told me that he was not going to help me,he tried to talk me into having an abortion, but I talked to some counselors and I have decided to keep the baby. I have support from the people that care for me the most. And I have decided that I will raise my baby on my own. If I guy does not want to grow up and take responsibility for his actions forget him you don't need him. Letting him stress you out is not healthy for you or your baby. It is all about you and your baby now.


Nikki - November 1

WOW!! This is such a hard situation for you. Any couple can overcome a argument/fight by talking. It just takes maturity and understand... lots of communicating, trust, and just everything like that. Talk things through with him before it gets too late. If it ends up being where you are alone, even if you're not *with him* anymore, he can still help you out with money, help, and doctor visits, etc etc etc. Just talk to your man. Talk to him very reasonably. Take back what's yours! GL girlie!



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