OMG I M Pregnat

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Callie - October 10

Ok I am 14 and I have had this huge crush on this guy who is 19 for over a year. Well one time we went out we both got drunk and had s_x. I got pregnat. I am scared to death.What do I do? Please help I already went to teh doctor, my best friends mom took me. You can im me at [email protected]


hear2help - October 10

What i think that you need to do is face your fears and tell the father of your baby. Are you both in a sreious relatinship at all or was it just a one time thing? No matter the answer to that qustion, you really need to tell him what is going on with you. If you have a hard time telling him, then write him a letter. There is a good chanch that he will become scared and run off, but that is something that you must expect. NO mater what the relatinshipo you two have, a man feeling that he is going to beomce a daddy is the scarest thought for them, and have many thoughts rushing throught their heads. Next bet, would be to tell your parents. Let them know what is oing on. They will, and i will projmise you this, become very angry with you and disponited. But you have to expect that. You are at a young age and you are still there little girl. If you have a problme teling them what is going on with you, then my bet would be to write a decnet letter. Writting letters is the best wayt ot geall your emotions out. I would give it to them before you go tto school , so they will have time to vent before talking to you. I wish you the best of luck. If you need any more advice, just ask


lonesome wolf - October 10

did you have s_x with or without a condom? and 14 is a little young.. but the best thing u can do is look at it as your going to be a mom.. and you still have your whole life ahead of you.. and the joys of having a child... so just think of all the positive things and it wont seem so bad


Callie - October 10

Well we had been really good friends for awhile. He's like my older bro. But I think were more now. I know's it young and i hate alcohol so I don't even know why I went out drinking in the first place


Callie - October 10

Also everyone already thinks I am 18/19 wherever I go. I am also very mature but i don't think that matters. I am just really scared.


to callie - October 10

i emailed u, hope to hear back from u kate


lol - October 10

Hmm, Got drunk and had unprotected s_x and is now pregnant...sounds mature to me!



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