OMG I Think I M Pregnant I Can T Have This PLEASE HELP

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helpless - October 31

I have been on the shot for about 6 months. I was having a weird normal reaction with it, so I quit. So now I am on the pill. I take two other meds too along with it for depression and adhd. me and my boyfriend have had s_x...and I think I'm pregnant. I have too many of the signs and not be pregnant. I am 16 years old! I don't need this now! Neither does he, he's almost 19 and a freashman in college. And if I happen to actually be pregnant, I can't kill it. I think that's murder...He wants me too. And I totally understand why. His parents would literally kill him. He grew up in a very religious family. So, they do not believe in this kind of stuff. Plus, they hate me. I don't really know why. I was told they, mostly his mother, do not like me because I grew up with divorced parents and made a few mistakes in my past. I am not the same person I was then. And they haven't even met me yet, and they're already judging me. She told my bf to stay away from me. That I'm no good. He didn't listen and went out with me because he says he really loves me. And I trust him. I love him too. I know I do. Just because...I don't need to explain it to anyone. But I might be pregnant!! I can't believe this. Rather him than anyone else because I know he'll be there for me. And he isn't doing very good because of this right now. He freaked out, for a number of reasons. But he said IF this happens, I can't have this now-not now, but IF it does, I will be here for you. I love you. So, at least my bf ain't a ass whole. But I don't know what to do. I can't tell my mom, I just can''d break her heart. But...I don't know where else to go. PLEASE SOMEONE-help me!! ~my email is [email protected] if you have anything to say PLEASE feel free to email me. I could use all the advice I can get here. Thanks!~


CAROL - October 31

Have you taken a test yet? If you haven't, go to the store right now and buy one. You may be freaking out for nothing.


Cez - November 1

heya, umm this is the first thing i have replied too, i feel so sorry for you... i had s_x a few days ago for the first time and now dont know if i am pregnant or not... like you i could never tell my parents they woulg go mad... it would break there hearts they think i am still a virgin... i took the morning after pill... but i am not convinced... what shall i do... well what can we do? as long as your bf is there for you but do what you feel is right babe... go for it!!! hope this helps... cez x x x


ladybug - November 1

What are you going to do. You keep saying that your bf don't need this, and you are 16 you sure don't. Your mom will find out if you are. Please consiser adoption before termination.


CAROL - November 1

Before telling her to abort or adopt, let's see if the young lady is even pregnant.



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