On Birth Control But Could I Be Pregnant

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Nicki - May 6

I'm on the birth control pill, and I have been for 4 months now, and most of the time, I take it. If I forget it, I avoid having s_x with my boyfriend.. But I missed a pill rcently, and had s_x the next day, but my boyfriend didn't ejaculate inside of me.. It's been about 4 days now.. and I noticed a brownish discharge this morning when I woke up.. It worried me, so I looked it up on the internet, and read about implantation bleeding.. could this be it..?


Grandpa Viv - May 6

One would hope that missing one pill would not be a problem. They do tell you to take a catch-up in that situation. The brown discharge may be a result of missing the pill, and nothing else. If you are still worried, take a home preg test before starting on the next round of active pills. Since it is important in your situation not to get pregnant, you should be using a condom at all times as well as taking the pill consistently. Good luck!


Mizzy17 - May 6

When I was on the pill I missed 2 days and had s_x but didnt get pregnant.


Kitty - May 23

I can honestly say I missed a couple of pills and all that happened was a early period.


charlene - June 10

Hi, I am currently on the BC pill over 4 years. I missed 2 white pills on my new pack for my start and second day. I was told by a pharmacist that to ignore that two pills, just take one for that third day and use second method for back up. Do i have to take that two white pills once i finish my blue pills. How do i restart the new pack. Is there a chance i may get pregnant ? Thank you for your attention


Kayse - June 10

I doubt it if he didnt ejaculate in you then you are more likely not pregnant sorry!!!


Charlene - June 10

Hi kayse, I just got the answer from you. But i didn't get the rest of the answer. Do i have to take the missing pill once i am closed to finish my pack. Do i restart my pack again on sunday like i used to ? He did ejaculate but with condom, Does that count ? Thank you again. And thank you very much for your response.



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