On The Topic Of Sexuality

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raquel - October 7

hey guys, found this article interesting, and was wondering what everyone thought: http://pregnancy-info.net/br___tfeeding_public.html


Heather - October 7

i totally agree about the victoria secret thing. it seems that everything victoria's secret is about is about satisfying men. men get their magazines and jerk off to them, and women feel they need to look like those models to feel attractive to men.


jane again - October 7

hey, actually, i just took a look at the 007 site. check it out: www.007b.com


GuitarJade - October 7

I totally agree that this is DISGUSTING. My mother b___stfeed all 5 of her children and had absolutly no problem with and I don't see why she should! If it's wrong to b___stfeed in public, then we should get rid of restaurants and fast food joints because that's exactly what b___stfeeding is... IT'S A FORM OF FEEDING! Ug... I just wish society was so s_xually oriented or naieve! It really does make me sick!


Pissed Off - October 7

if there's one industry where b___st exploitation makes me mad, it's the beer industry! i've noticed that virtually every beer company uses b___bs to market their beer. do they think only men drink beer? do they ever think that maybe women are outraged at having their body parts used to make companies big bucks? I agree, and I think the problem lies in the fact that b___stfeeding is taboo because it's s_xualized, and so less women b___stfeed their babies in public which is actually the purpose of b___sts. So remember girls, b___stfeed your kids and don't be shy about it!


QUESTION - October 7

does anyone know of any advocate groups out there for this sort of thing? anyone?


Imi - October 7

Tits r 4 men 2 look at. Y wudnt u wanna please ur man??


Shorty - October 7

I dont think its the case that we are too shy in b___stfeeding, but how others react to it... you either get the people that seem disgusted in the sight of a mother feeding her baby, or you get the other extreme where guys think its quite erotic to watch... either way is disgusting, and even though I am all for b___stfeeding in public.. I would hate the thought that some sick pervert would be getting off on the fact that I am feeding my child... Pretty sick society hey?


Viv - October 7

This is a developed nation thing. In the underdeveloped world women b___st feed with varying discretion in public. People also pee in the street. It's a glorious mish-mash of hygiene, Victorian att_tude to s_xuality, Puritan ethics and Madison Avenue exploitation. I was amused to learn that Sojourner Truth in 1858 bared both her b___sts in public to prove she was not male, told how many black and white children she had nursed, and offered the a__semblage a suck! She was over 80 at the time. (Shelby Foote, Civil War) Take that, Janet Jackson!


GuitarJade - October 7

That's awesome!


Imi - October 10

Im not immature i just like sucking t_ts. Any man who saw a fit woman feeding a baby would like to chuck the kid and get on there themselves


to imi - October 12

so you want to replace the baby with yourself. how is that not immature?


hello - October 13

I found a good website: www.whatisvictoria__secret.com


Dazai - October 14

Go Imi Go!


Jamie - October 14

out of curiosity...does anybody feel like theyve ever been taken advantage of cause of their chest?


boys - October 21



Yeah - October 21

Boys do suck - your t_ts.



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