Only 13 Pregnancy Was Planned

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Carrie - July 20

I don't know what to do! Well it all started out when i was little. I have always wanted to be a mother. My boyfriend and i had s_x at my thirteeth birthday party. What an experience. Later on that month...i went to get my physical. My doctor called two days later saying that i was pregnant. I was extatic...until later on. I found out that twins were the case. I still had to go to school....what a task. walking around and stuff. I am due next month.......but parents dont want the baby...i do........ It has been my dream..key word..mine......not my parents. They want me to put it up for adoption but they're mine..and my boyfriends. I dont care if im in 8th grade. I am at the top of my class and yea! go me.. but my parents disagree. help me please!!


Another one - July 20

Another preteen pregnant!!! Great!!!!! Adopt those babies out to a loving couple. You can't take care of twins. If this story is real. Adoption should be on your mind not Bragging!!!!!


Audrey - July 20

Carrie, here are a few questions you should ask youself: 1) Do you want these babies because you are seriously planning to settle down and start a family? 2) Having a baby is painful, emotional, and expensive. Are you physically, mentally, and financially ready for a child? 3) Will you be able to finish school or get a job once there is a baby in the picture? 4) Will the baby's father stick by you and help support it? 5) Do you accept that having a baby is hard work and you will have to change your life around completely? 6) If you're still living with your parents, do they agree with the idea? Think about it. If the honest answer is "no" to ANY of these questions, then you are not ready for a child. I agree with your parents, put the children up for adoption and make something of your life.


helpful - July 20

Call yourself a single mom. More than half of these teen dads run off when the baby come. The best thing for you to do is to listen to your parents. They are older and wiser than you & your boyfriend. Keep your twins a life. A life with two loving parents. Think about it!!!!


helpful - July 20



Jessy - July 23

hmmm... "I found out that twins were the case." "but parents dont want the baby" "They want me to put it up for adoption but they're mine" I think you might be making this up...


FAKE - July 23

Ha ha, better luck next time, doesn't sound like a 13 year old, events and time frame don't add up.


Em - July 23

Well good for you being independent and stuff but this is a big responsibility. I am not telling you to adopt the babies because I did not do that with my child but I think you are very stupid for deliberatly getting pregnant at such a young age. I was 14 but the baby was a complete accident.


Margaret - July 23

I think that you are very dumb and naive about what you are doing. You aren't even old enough to work! I think that your parents have a point in not wanting to raise your babies, being that they aren't even finished raising you. Did you even think about your parents when you planned this? I think you are in huge trouble if you think walking around pregnant is a task, what are you going to do when the babies are here? Stupid, stupid girl.


KT - July 24

what kind of moron makes up a story like that? why don't you concentrate on being useful in some're an idiot an a sad case. go and play



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