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Tray - July 6

im 15 my EX is 19, i might be preg. i told him and he split. i havent told my mom yet? i don't know what to do.he said he is giving up all rights, but how am i giong to take care of the baby all alone. he said if i ever did ger preg. he would say w/me no matter what, if a was or wasn't. if my mom knew she would put him in jail. i just want him to be there, what should i do?


~*~Jessica~*~ - July 3

Do what you feel like you should do. From experiance, if he is already willing to sign over rights, then he isn't going to be there at all. you have 3 choices, keep it, abort it, or give it up for adoption. Do what you feel comfortable doing. A child can do one of two things. It can be a happy time for a couple that is already established, or it can provide a lot of heartache/hardship for a young couple. Just my opinion


*Lindsay* - July 3

Tray you need to talk to your mom and tell her u think u might be pregnant. as the ex boyfriend goes talk to him and tell him how you feel. if your pregnant do you want the baby? if your pregnant please dont think about getting an abortion thats what i did when i was 16 and that was the last thing i would have wanted to do. please talk to your mother and your ex. God Bless!


angel - July 3

i know what your going threw, i'm16 and my boyfriend is 22 and he said that i had another baby on the way. so when i told him that i was preg.he said that i was lying and that the baby was not his. i told my mother and she put him in jail. he kept writing me telling me that he love me. but if you love him and he love you yall need to be together


Tray - July 3

thanks for listening, i just didn't know what to do, how am i going to tell my mom about the baby and the baby's daddy. she was a single mom and told me how hard it was for her. how am i going to get through this?! i dont want to have an abortion and just thing that every baby i see could be mine, i want to keep it, i just need a little help on suporting us. any ideas from teen moms. thanks for all your help.


Sam - July 6

Hey tray-im 5 months pregnant and i am 16 years old. First of all find out if you are pregnant-if not then forget about your Ex,you could do much better than him. If you are then you will be fine and you will defo cope with having a baby as long as you have support from family and friends. I told my mum that i was pregnant when i was 6 weeks,she was a bit angry with me at first but after a few days she was fine with 4 months on she is looking forward to the baby being here. I think that you should talk to your mum-she may be angry at first which is natural but if you sit down with her and talk everything over she will be fine. I also think that you should talk to your Ex,if he really is willing to give up the rights of being a father then forget about him-it might seem hard at first but you dont need him,if he has had time to think about it and has decided he does want to be there then thats good.. If you need to chat then you can email me.. [email protected] Luv ~*Sam*~



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